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SysAid: A Robust Solution For Your IT Woes

When you need a streamlined IT environment, there are a plethora of systems solutions out there that can help manage your helpdesk. Unfortunately, not all of these are top-notch solutions; in fact, many are either too simplified or just too complex to manage things like ticketing and ticket aggregation without really having to get into the nuts and bolts of the software.


  • The system is very versatile; you can set up the specific services you need with relative ease.
  • SysAid has a great asset visualization experience.
  • The remote options are robust and are usable through any HTML5-compliant browser.
  • The SysAid support staff is exceptional at helping you and your IT staff navigate the Software.


  • It can be a bit overly-complex; it might take a while for you to set it up properly.
  • There’s a tendency to be a lot of tabs in the UI, which can be slightly confusing.

Fortunately, SysAid, which is a product produced by the company with the same name, is a great solution for anyone looking to have a fully featured yet highly configurable solution for their IT experience. The name of the game for this software package is asset visualization; with the software, you can quickly ascertain the needs of your users and prioritize the jobs that need to go out – you can even manage these things on your mobile platforms. At its basic level, SysAid can work for 500 assets and is usable by five users per year.

SysAid has a relatively robust feature set, which is why it’s a good solution for most IT departments. Let’s take a look at some of the key features that SysAid offers that makes it a quality product:


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Integrated Self-Service:

One of the newest trends in IT is how many enterprise-level solutions are starting to fully embrace self-service. Most people want to be able to completely resolve their IT issues because contacting the help desk, filing a report, and waiting for an IT professional to respond to the created ticket takes time away from work. For this reason, SysAid has a fairly robust self-service structure that allows users to access a self-service portal.

On this portal, users can access a knowledge base, find answers to their questions via personalized FAQs, and when they can’t find an immediate resolution, gain direct access so that they can raise tickets on their own. Overall, with SysAid, user-level issues can be resolved much more quickly, which can save your IT staff some time and wasted resources.

A Stellar IT Service Management (ITSM) System:

The system in which SysAid manages tickets is fairly robust. With many solutions of this type, there are a lot of steps for your IT staff to undergo if they want to help resolve tickets. Fortunately, SysAid really delivers in this regard because it has features that automate the process somewhat. These include:

  • Automated Escalation – SysAid has a fairly agile automated escalation feature that will automatically prioritize the tickets that are most important. Your IT staff will first have to set up rules for the automatic escalation function, but once these are established, the team will have a much more streamlined ticketing process. For example, this will allow your most important tickets to be set to be resolved within a certain timeframe.
  • Automated Ticketing – When the self-service portal doesn’t resolve your user’s issues (after all, it isn’t perfect), then your users can access the automatic ticketing function of SysAid. You’ll have to establish an email address for SysAid to use, but when it’s created, your users can send their issues to this address in order to have their problems automatically ticketed. This way, even when users cannot access the IT staff directly, a voicemail can be set up that provides the automatic ticketing information so that they can go on with their day.
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When you’re just starting out, your staff may not be very proficient with the full SysAid suite, which is why the fact that the software is so modular is a key advantage. Your team can start out with the asset management module and work from there until they’re ready to branch out to the more complex functions of SysAid like remote desktop and data import.

Excellent Asset Visualization:

The SysAid dashboard is a very functional and versatile user interface. You can create fully customizable charts, graphs that highlight performance in your assets, group your assets, and even create diagrams that organize your assets visually. Everything in the asset management functions in the SysAid dashboard is very well organized and will allow you to import assets directly from a CSV-formatted spreadsheet.

Mobile Functionality:

When your IT staff is working, oftentimes, they’ll be away from the desk assisting users. This is why SysAid’s stellar mobile functionality is so useful. Your IT people will be able to monitor tickets, set their priorities, and even send time updates to users. This is all doable without the need for a dedicated mobile application; in fact, as long as the device used has a secure HTML 5-capable browser, then your IT staff can help remotely.

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Final Thoughts:

Overall, the help desk software by SysAid is a great way to bring your IT process to the next level of professionalism. It’ll help your staff manage their tickets and can help your users find resolution at a much faster pace.

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