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Add Internal Links On Your Post Keywords Automatically In Blogger?

As per OnPage SEO requirments, you have to add internal links in your post so if you don’t know it then you have to add now but if you have a lot of articles then how to add it and when if you want to delete any link or replace any link then have to edit all again that you cant but its important for SEO as it will decrease your bounce rates.

So here are we with an awesome JavaScript code that will add your desired keywords link in your every post by just a little code and if you want to edit and replace in all post then you just have to edit one code in template only. All keywords in the article will be automatically converted into links .We do not need to manually add links on keywords because it will be converted auto link . Internal linking is very important to increase the bounce rate pages , and useful for on-page SEO.


1.) Pure JavaScript Code.
2.) Ne External File.
3.) Will Effect On All Pages Of Blog.
4.) Just To Edit Template At Once.
5.) Can Add InnerLink And Desired Text IN Codes That Will Be Put In Content Automatically.
6.) Can Add Unlimited Links.
7.) Will Effect On Post Body Only.
8.) Fast To Load And Quick To Add.
9.) SEO Will Crawl This.
10.) Will Decrease Your Bounce Rate.

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How To Add In Blogspot?

1.) Go To Your
2.) Open Your Desire Blog.
3.) Go To “Template“.
4.) Click “Edit HTML“.
5.) Now Click Within Code Box.
6.) Press [CTRL+F] To Search </head> Code.
7.) Now Copy The Below Code And Paste It Before </head> Code.

<script type='text/javascript'>
 function doHighlight(bodyText, searchTerm, link) {
 var newText = "";
 var i = -1;
 var lcSearchTerm = searchTerm.toLowerCase();
 var lcBodyText = bodyText.toLowerCase();
 while (bodyText.length > 0) {
 i = lcBodyText.indexOf(lcSearchTerm, i + 1);
 if (i < 0) {
 newText += bodyText;
 bodyText = "";
 } else {
 if (bodyText.lastIndexOf(">", i) >= bodyText.lastIndexOf("<", i)) {
 if (lcBodyText.lastIndexOf("/script>", i) >= lcBodyText.lastIndexOf("<script", i)) {
 newText += bodyText.substring(0, i) + '<a href="' + link + '">' + bodyText.substr(i, searchTerm.length) + '</a>';
 bodyText = bodyText.substr(i + searchTerm.length);
 lcBodyText = bodyText.toLowerCase();
 i = -1;
 return newText;

 function highlightSearchTerms(searchText, treatAsPhrase, link, divid) {
 if (treatAsPhrase) {
 searchArray = [searchText];
 } else {
 searchArray = searchText.split(" ");
 div = document.getElementById(divid);
 var bodyText = div.innerHTML;
 for (var i = 0; i < searchArray.length; i++) {
 bodyText = doHighlight(bodyText, searchArray[i], link);
 div.innerHTML = bodyText;
 return true;

8.) Now Click Within Code Box.
9.) Press [CTRL+F] To Search <data:post.body/> Code.
10.) Now Copy The Below Code And Paste Replace It With <data:post.body/> Code.
11.) Do The Same If You Found <data:post.body/> Many Time.

<div expr:id='&quot;summary&quot; +'>
 <data:post.body/> </div>
<script type='text/javascript'>
 highlightSearchTerms('keywords1', true, 'URL of the post1', 'summary<>');
 highlightSearchTerms('keywords2', true, 'URL of the post2', 'summary<>');

12.) Click “Save Template” And Done.

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1.) Now replace .”keywords1″, “keywords1″ with your desired keywords on which you want to add link.
2.) Now replace .”URL of the post1”, “URL of the post2” with your desired URL of the respectively mentioned keywords post.
3.) You can add more link by just adding highlightSearchTerms('keywords2', true, 'URL of the post2', 'summary<>'); more and more.

Last Words:

This is what we have. We have many more like this so If you liked it then share it with your friends and leave your comment and if you still have any quires then feel free to ask us. Thanks to be with us, will be with you on next codes. Be with us.

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16 Responses to “Add Internal Links On Your Post Keywords Automatically In Blogger?”

  1. Very helpful tutorial. Thanks Exeideas. Now my site will rock because Exeideas rocks

  2. ILIYAS SHAIKH says:


  3. The same question of Iliyas Sir is mine also. Did we put all the links manual or the post will select the post automatic with related keyword.

  4. Sunny says:

    Thanks for this helpful information for us to add internal links on our post,i really appreciate your work.

    Keep Sharing

  5. SUMIT GOGAWAT says:

    Dear EXEIdeas,
    Question is very simple, does we do it manually or its done automatically. If we change it with ever data:post.body then what about the URL of the post1 & URL of the post1 tags. Can you please explain it with video tutorial. If it is automatically search posts and link with current post (Search with label category) then it is too much useful. Can you please clear the query.

  6. Satish Ratna says:

    Excellent blog…thanks for sharing such things…its very interesting…i’m searching for this information from long time…

  7. Dear EXE
    Can you please check my website. Above codes are not working fine. Please check once

  8. vignesh says:

    hi its nice plugin for blogger..
    but please tell how to limit it to 2 to 3 words .because it shows for all keywords inside post..

    can you tell how to limit it..

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