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SMO vs SEO: A Brief Competitive Analysis!

In the age of digital marketing, lots of terms have surface among which are Social Media Optimization (SMO) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). The pose a concern for webmasters and bloggers mainly because they leave a major impact on the traffic your website or web page gets.

While much has been written about SEO on how to rank sites so that they show up in search results, organically, SMO has more user-friendly appeal to it. Below we will see a brief analysis of the two but first, let’s understand what is search engine traffic?

Search engine traffic guides visitors to visit certain website or pages that rank higher on the results page. These web pages are basically prioritized due to the in-demand search keywords. So if your site has any reference of those keywords it will automatically show up in results and have a higher probability of being visited.

Overhauling of the site is essential and with time through SEO expertise more traffic can be garnered. With the addition of further pages or by adding more content, in liaison with writers, the objective can be achieved.


Traffic through Social Media Optimization is relatively low as opposed to SEO. As it is evident, SMO enjoys the use of social networking sites to engage an online audience. With effective utilization of SMO techniques, experts can bring in large amounts of traffic.

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At the helm of SMO is the use of networking sites and is the prime distinction between SEO and SMO. Hence, it is imperative that strong profile presence across all major social networking channels is available.

From an SMO perspective, the highs in the traffic can be really very high. There is no need to become renowned domain in order to achieve success because by simply launching a website or blog, the results can be achieved. Notable contacts are made along the way and traffic snowballs will yield greater traffic plus more visibility online.

For link building, SMO can complement SEO. Coding and tags don’t matter merely an excellent visual appeal can guarantee results. Titles and headlines, thus, are important and should pack a punch or hook to grab attention. Content created for SMO purposes is read by humans as opposed to search engine spiders in SEO, so human element should present when you pen down content.



SEO is vast. The need for analysis in an SEO campaign becomes an integral part of whatever objective it is that you aim to achieve. The positive and negative impact of a site determines its eventual ranking in search pages.

SEO also offers predictability, meaning that the success model previously adopted to rank a site higher can be similarly mapped to a new site and results can stellar as well (though not always). Trusted domains in an SEO setting is a must and if you have one, you can achieve a positive impact on all of your website pages.

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In order to improve certain tips can be practiced such as finding and fixing dead links by using online tools to identify dead links. The tool will crawl your website and will present you with the links. Another method is to check for web crawl errors in Google Webmaster tools.

As previously stated that title tags are important for SEO, and if there are any tags missing they will pose a serious threat to your overall objective. So what you need to do is check for missing title tags. It can be checked manually as well as using Google Webmaster tools which will enable you to track through each page whether or not a proper title is in place. You can read more on improving SEO online.

Can The Two Coexist?

Well, there is always a debate as to which is better. But in a union they work better and link building in this respect is perhaps the finest example of all. Site and web pages which are popular in terms of social networking sites will receive a lot of inbound links through SMO which will, in turn, influence search engine rankings

SMO is free and for newbies, it serves as an advantageous method to make their name through a website or blog. Plus it opens up a gateway to longer term high ranking search engine results.

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We rest our case with you folks. You choose whichever you prefer or you can adopt both in your campaign at hand. All in all, each carries limitations and advantages of their own.

Jasmine DemeesterAbout the Author:

Jasmine Demeester is a Social Media Marketer at UK Dissertation Help Deal and is associated with an IT industry for more than a decade. She specializes in both organic SEO and PPC. She loves to blog and seeks to educate her audience in the field.

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19 Responses to “SMO vs SEO: A Brief Competitive Analysis!”

  1. Nikhil Kumar says:

    Hi Jasmine,
    SMO definitely bring a huge traffic from social media site but this works for few time for a post and for this topic should be interesting also whereas SEO works for long term but it takes time.

  2. Jaye says:

    Thanks for this info. I had thought both were almost one and the same. Good Brief idea about the difference.

  3. opal smith says:

    I too actually had a confusion between the two. It is not that I did not know about them, but could not somehow differentiate precisely. Today, you have helped me to clear up my confusions.

  4. Aswani says:

    Nice post. I would put SEO above SMO for the benefits received in the long run though both have become equally important today. SMO also looks to be a part of SEO as it can help with the offpage optimization.

  5. It’s really a nice and beneficial piece of info.
    I’m glad that you just shared this very helpful info with us.
    Please keep us up to date. Thank you for sharing.

  6. I read your post and it’s very interesting as well as very useful for me. thanks for such a nice post.

  7. Neha Saraf says:

    very interesting and useful information. thanks buddy.

  8. Affilorama says:

    seo is better than smo according to me

  9. Rajpal Singh says:

    Social media optimization is a good platform for beginners to get traffic quickly. SEO need more time than SMO.

    If you can create viral content then social media is the best way to promote your content.

  10. social media are best plateform compare seo why i can creat any post then vireal plateform are best option smo. Are you looking for best dissertation editing, writing and proofreading services? Our dissertation editors provide the highest standard of editing available

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