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How To Lock Your Site/Blog From Being Used In An IFrame?


Now everyone is embedding others site, blog, tool in his site and blog to get visitors that is not his work and also want to earn from that. NOw in real all load is going on your site and he is just earning ads and pageviews.

Now its time to lock your website or blog so no one can use your site or blog in there site in using iframe and if he will use it then his blog will be redirected to your sites and that can increase your traffic too and user will know that who own this page really. So its time to use below codes and lock your site now.


1.) Simple And Short Code.
2.) Pure JavaScript Code.
3.) No External File Added.
4.) Will Redirect Others Site To Your.
5.) No Time Delay.
6.) You Will Get Referral Traffic.
7.) Your Pageviews Will Increase.
8.) No Need To Edit Your Previous Codes.
9.) Will Work On Every Browser.
10.) Quick To Load And Work.

How To Use It?

Just copy the below cods and add it in your desired website or blog <head> tags only. No need to customize more.

<script type='text/javascript'>
 window.onload = function () {if ( !== window.self);


There is no need of customization as its a default and general codes that will work for every site and domain. Just add it and save it.

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Last Words:

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2 Responses to “How To Lock Your Site/Blog From Being Used In An IFrame?”

  1. Gary Graefen says:

    The tip is helpful-but I have found that ALL views matter-even in an Iframe

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