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7 Interesting Statistics That Show The Impact Digital Signage

The future lies in the use and leveraging of digital media to have a far reaching impact in how we interact with information. This means that as a business you should seize this moment and fly away with it, making it work in a variety of ways to make sure that you have a presence in the digital media advertisement space. The idea is fairly simple, it is cheaper, it deploys faster and it affords you opportunities to mingle with your customers in ways that you hitherto thought impossible.

Now is the time to explore the potential of digital media in transforming your life and to pivot your business to be early adopters and thus have a foot in the game before the rest of the world works to catch up. This is the age of the brave, for those who want to expand their customer interactions while at the same time taking advantage of the vast opportunities that it presents in terms of analytics and gleaning insights into your customers’ habits and behaviors, and using this knowledge to your advantage.

Massive Transforming Effect:

The fact of the matter is that digital signage can be scaled and used effectively across a large spectrum of industries from retail outlets, to schools all the way to airport terminals and large industrial spaces. This technology has the potential of streamlining communications while at the same time saving on cash, which can be put to other uses. Let us explore the statistics which relate to Digital Signage content and its transforming effect across a wide range of work environments.


  • Retail – In the retail segment, the use of digital signage has had the potential of transforming the livelihoods of retail owners. Here are the key defining statistics; Studies have shown that 80% of customers have entered a retail outlet because of having seen and interacted with the digital sign.
    Additionally, 8 out of every 10, (80%) of businesses witnessed a growth of more than 1 in 3 additional customers, (33%) the moment they deployed digital signage. These figures just scratch the surface as to the potential that this medium can have on your retail business.
  • Education–In the areas of education this technology more so in the form of video walls, offers a great opportunity to enable the deployment of several screens at a cost that is much cheaper than deploying one screen per student.
    One such technology can deploy content simultaneously from one PC to over 60 screens, which is a ratio of 1:60, with its attendant savings on maintenance, (since you need to only maintain one PC), power and efficient communication on demand; it is hard to beat such an awesome advantage.
  • Finance – In the area of finance, digital signage has an even more amazing and far reaching impact. 7 in 10 customers that’s 70% of customers have actually purchased or signed up for a bank product quite simply because of their having interacted with a digital sign. More so,90% of bank customers are acquired through bank branches.
    Therefore, keeping the whole bank ecosystem, workers, bankers, customers all informed about the latest offers and information will go a long way in keeping everyone going to your particular bank branches and signing up for your services. This has the two pronged effect of customer acquisition and retention.
  • Corporate- Internal communications are critical for any corporation in order to make sure that quite literally everyone is reading from the same script. This will go a long way to ensure that every employee understands unambiguously, the information that is coming from management and therefore enacting it in the shortest time possible, to the benefit of the customers.
    Digital signage can be used for corporate messaging, emergency information, room booking and communicating the latest figures and information of interest to all concerned. Here is the mind blowing statistic; digital signs enjoy 400% more views than static signs. This means that a message displayed on a digital sign will have 4 times more impact than a static equivalent.
  • Restaurants – Digital menu boards attract more eyeball and thus more conversions when compared to static menu, since 74% of customers claim that an easy menu read is their top priority. This means that as a restaurateur, you must make sure that you implement digital signage if you expect to be having full tables any time soon.
    You are likely to get more than 5% sales lift, that is footfall directed towards your store if you opt to use digital signage in your restaurant. The beauty is that there are several solutions you can choose that will not force you to break a bank.
  • Healthcare- Digital signs can be very useful if employed alongside a queue management system as they will create the illusion of shorter waiting times. This means that if your patients are engaged in watching something calming and interesting on your digital screens, they are bound to enjoy longer waiting times, while not being aware that they have waited for such along time. Above all, it can reduce anxiety on the part of your patients.
  • DooH Advertising–The DooH, stands for Digital out of Home Advertising, which means that you need to leverage this as a business or as an advertising firm in order to engage people right at their abodes.
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A quick running of the statistics shows that digital already covers a whopping 23% of the outdoor digital marketing market; by 2020, this figure will have risen to 35% of the total market share. As an advertising network operator, by switching to digital media over static, you stand to gain monthly revenue by 800% that is according to MRI and this figure can climb to 1200%, which is increased revenue of over 8 to 12 times your current earnings.

Charlie BrownAbout the Author:Charlie Brown is an IT expert who understands the digital signage content and a noted pioneer in the field having been active for the past 15 years. Visit this website to learn more about digital signage.

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