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How To Tweet More Then 140 Words Limit In Twitter?

How To Tweet More Then 140 Words Limit In Twitter?

Now it is solved by SendLongerTweet. Twitter’s strict 140 character limit exists to comply with its “micro blogging” format. However, sometimes you need just a few extra characters to put down all of your thoughts, or even embed a picture into it. Although Twitter does not allow extensions, you can use to create a longer Tweet with styles. allows users to send messages of any length, whether it contains an embedded image or just a lot of text. lets you sign in via Twitter, Auth in order to post long blog-like posts on Twitter.




How To Use This Service?

How To Tweet More Then 140 Words Limit In Twitter?

Just edit text, change font size, color, align paragraphs, add emotions, tables in the editing area. Once you click the preview button, the longer tweet full of rich color, fonts, styles you just edit will be converted into a picture. Click the “tweet” button, this picture will automatically be posted on your Twitter account after you login twitter and authorize the post. Your followers read your longer tweet by viewing this picture.

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Type whatever you want in the edit area. Change font, color, size, style. Add lines, pictures, emotions, tables.You can paste what you copied from other website (Do not violate copyright), or Microsoft Word document.Click “Preview” when you are done. A picture generated in a pop-up window. Use this picture to tweet.

How To Tweet More Then 140 Words Limit In Twitter?

Limitation For This Service:

Please use the following browsers to get the best result of our service, thank you.

  • Google Chrome
  • Mozila Firefox
  • Apple Safari

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