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Top 8 Educational Android Apps For Children

There are a lot of things mobile devices can do these days. From helping you find a specific place to saving your important files and documents, you can always find an app to help you out.

And perhaps one of the best applications of technology today involves your kid’s learning. With just a smart phone and the right app, your child can start exploring and learning- no matter where he is.

To boost your child’s knowledge, here are 8 of the best educational apps you need to have in your Android devices:

1.) Kids Numbers And Math Lite:

This app can help your child master the basics of mathematics- from counting to addition and subtraction. It has a bright design that can make your child fully interested in the program. Aside from this, the app also has highly readable numbers. Each time your child conquers a stage or successfully solves a problem, there are voice-overs and sound effects that will congratulate him.

2.) Petting Zoo:

Petting zoo is one of the easiest apps to use if you want your child to be familiar with animals. It includes an interactive illustration of about 21 animals. These animals react in a fun way when pressed. They also have nice audio effects, too.

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3.) Kids Puzzles Puzzingo For Toddlers:

Kids Puzzles Puzzingo has six categories your children can play with. It includes toys, animals, alphabets and numbers. Aside from the categories, it also has two levels- big kid and little kid.

The app involves dragging animals and numbers to appropriate scenes and places. It’s a great app if you want to improve your kid’s motor skills and spatial recognition.

4.) Kids Doodles – Color & Draw:

If you want to encourage your child’s art skills but fear that he might ruin your walls, then this app is the best solution you can get. It allows your kid to express himself visually, with nearly 20 brushes, colors and designs. He can paint using glow, neon or rainbow colors. He can even choose to paint on a blank canvass or an existing image.

The app can store your child’s artwork. He can continue any unfinished drawing or combine all his completed work into a short movie clip.


5.) 10 Monkeys Multiplication:

10 Monkeys Multiplication is an interactive app that can teach your child all about multiplication. There are sets of questions he needs to answer in order to release trapped monkeys in a tree. Because there is a goal, it’s relatively easy to keep your child focused on the game. There’s also a global leader scoreboard that can motivate your child to keep moving on.

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The game has two styles and your child has three attempts at this game. A wrong answer or not being able to pick an answer can make him lose a life.

6.) Bob Books Reading Magic:

To enhance your child’s reading skills and phonics, you can download Bob Books Reading Magic and use it to teach your kid a few basic words. It has nice illustrations and simple words he can arrange. Once he gets a new word right, the image gets colored. If he completes a sentence, the whole scene becomes animated.

7.) Math Vs Zombies:

This interesting app combines learning and fun in an interesting way. Instead of the typical equations, your child needs to perform basic math operations to correctly answer a problem and turn zombies back into humans. Failure to zap zombies before they invade your home means losing the game. There are several levels within the app and it’s suitable for kids who are just learning math to those who are older and more advanced. There are three different zombie worlds in this app.

8.) Animatch:

For memory and concentration, you can download Animatch to your child’s Android device. It resembles the traditional memory tile game but with greater graphics and sounds. Each tile your kid presses triggers an audio effect of the animal drawn in the tile.

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Aside from enhancing mental function, the app can also help with your child’s fine motor skills. Keep in mind, however, that there are no levels to choose from or complete in this app. The hardest set you can get is a 20-tile board.

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    There are many companies that provide services for Android App Development. As more and more people are getting used to mobile applications, the demand for Android app development has increased dramatically. There are certain set standards for Android applications. The best applications are easy to use, interesting and attention grabbing.

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  6. SERI NWAC says:

    In today’s world where children are interested in technology and spend more time in smartphones and tabs, these list of applications are really useful. Some vocabulary apps can also be helpful for them.

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