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Is Paying For Antivirus Worth It Or Not?

Almost everyone now uses a paid antivirus software; but still, once in a while, you get to hear someone ask this seemingly out-of-place question- “Is paying for antivirus really worth it?”

Well, we all perhaps know the answer. In today’s world, with internet having pervaded our day-to-day lives in an unprecedented manner, we can’t survive without a good antivirus. Though there are free antivirus softwares, the commercially available antiviruses are the ones that serve the real purpose of guaranteeing complete protection.

Need Online Security:

For the sake of those many doubting Thomases who want solid reasons before opting to pay for their online security, let’s discuss the merits of using advanced antivirus software.

Windows 10 users who depend on Windows Defender, or Microsoft Security Essentials in the previous versions of Windows OS, have come to realize that such built-in antivirus rarely meets their security expectations. Threat experts advise users to have a more reliable, all-encompassing antivirus on their PCs to cover the loopholes in such default security softwares. A full-fledged commercial antivirus is designed to work in a multi-pronged manner. It scans system behaviour, including both inbound and outbound traffic, for threats. And even if some threats make it through the scanning, the antivirus program usually detects them before they can impinge any harm in the computer.


Default Windows Security:

A thought-through security product also maintains reputation systems for websites and files and warns users against impending threats during their browsing. Viruses are known to quietly nestle in your computer without your knowledge and spread out to your contacts through emails and other forms of correspondence. An advanced antivirus works on to mitigate such risks and protects your system against critical events.

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The bottom line – continue with your default Windows security software, but don’t completely rely on them. You can trust your e-mail provider for scanning files that you receive in your mails, but install and a proactive anti-malware software without fail. These days, most of the commercially available antivirus are priced competitively. Malware threats are so common these days that your system getting infected could happen any time; so be on the guard and be safe.

Unni R NairAbout the Author:

Unni R Nair is a writer from Comodo and writes on various topics including internet security, Online Reputation Management, Endpoint security etc and can be reached at

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    Thank you for this information .i like your website because it have a lot of articles that they happen in everyday of our life.

  2. Antivirus Support says:

    Even if you have a little bit of knowledge…your computer can easily survive without antivirus

  3. Antivirus Support says:

    Even if you have basic knowledge of how to use internet…Your computer can easily survive without antivirus

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