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WordPress Themes: Four Reasons To Pick The Paid Ones

With an abundance of free themes on WordPress, you might be wondering why you should opt for a paid version. You have to pay money for utilizing the features of a paid WordPress theme. There is no foundation laid down describing the standards of a theme being free or paid, anyone can design a WordPress theme and put it on sale.

However, most of the paid themes on WordPress are built by expert web designers and SEO companies like Tayloright, with a particular goal to aid people who want to pay more for a quality product. Take a look at these reasons on why you should consider investing in paid WordPress themes:


With paid themes, you can expect something more dynamic that will make your blog or website stand out among the million others. A free theme generally fails to meet such expectations, as people are already using the same features. The paid version will allow having a responsive design which can easily cater to the ever-changing standards of the web. Professionals design them keeping the current SEO and web design trends in mind. Also, the mobile-first indexing will play a key role this year, hence you can rely on paid WordPress themes that are specifically built for mobile and other compact devices standards.

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Trying to make changes to free WordPress themes can often turn into an absolute nightmare for people who are not tech-minded. A basic knowledge of HTML, PHP, and CSS is needed for making any sort of amendments. However, with premium themes, there is no need to worry about the functionality. Some of the top paid themes offer intuitive user interfaces that assist you in making any change required in your website design.



Of course, the availability of free WordPress themes has been a blessing for designers who wanted to build a business startup website. But when it comes to security factors, a large proportion of free themes are coded with malware. You can avoid these malware by downloading paid themes directly from the WordPress theme directory. Free themes have numerous limitations, and one such important limitation is updating the theme. Paid themes are updated regularly in order to keep up with the latest trends in WordPress.


When it comes to design and customizing themes, free WordPress themes will not be able to provide you the required support. On the contrary, a paid theme will come with an extended support from the seasoned theme designers. Designers who create free themes are not obligated to help you out in case of any difficulty, while paid theme designers are worth the money. You can save both your time and effort by purchasing paid themes and design your blog or website more effectively.

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Final Thoughts:

Buy WordPress themes from reputable theme shops. Paid themes are authentic, come with revised customer support and security management, as well as, are easy to use. If you are opting for a WordPress theme, consider the above-mentioned qualities before making your final decision and design your website beautifully.

Marie JonesAbout the Author:Maria Jones works in the website design department of Tayloright. Her blogs are filled with amazing theories on website design and information related to WordPress.

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  1. Bilav Adani says:

    Thanks Maria for sharing such a wonderful article.

    I was feeling wrong with my free theme. Now first thing after reading this is i am going to switch to paid WordPress theme.

    Please suggest good magazine themes

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