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Google Voice Search – Your Brand Ready To Search For The Voice?

Voice search is easier than entering text; we all know. We can talk about something much more natural than we can write. Most of us are looking for a quick fix or a way to make multitasking more efficient use interfaces and perfectly suitable conversation.

Google says its Voice Search becomes faster and superior. The company announced it has added new computing models “are more accurate, robust to noise, and quicker to respond to search queries speech models.

A spokesman says that Google search in the Google Voice app is now faster. And for some people, the new application will feel as much as approx 500 milliseconds faster, depending on the device.

Google’s blog gets into detail on how voice search is faster and more accurate. Google said it had used temporary technical classification connections and training to improve the discriminating sequences “acoustic models of neural networks.” Google said that they are extensions of recurrent neural networks that make voice search on Google more “precise, particularly in noisy environments, and are incredibly fast!”

Google has not been able to give us an indication of the accuracy improvements, but said that the application is much more accurate based on the models described above.


Fit The Top Of The Funnel:

Of course, you show the brand or transactional searches directly ask for your product. But what is it to be useful to customers by answering their questions with the information you have to share?

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As you know, content marketing helps brand loyalty. When it comes to finding the conversation, it also helps to show the long tail queries, which is another aspect of voice search becomes increasingly critical.

As demonstrated voice search queries, which often contain question words, sellers could benefit from creative information that processes requests from the top of the funnel information, too.

While they may not be immediately transactions, this content can help build levels of goodwill and commitment to their brand.

Consider recent research done using voice. How often do you use? This is a good time to get a jump on the research notes of voice, and we all try to find together as an industry.

Google is promoting its voice search on mobile devices, both in the home bar of Android devices and on Google Search. Android Police screenshots of Google to remind mobile users who can say “Ok Google” or tap the microphone button and speak your query.

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