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3 Stars Of The Animation Industry

Would the animation industry be what it is, if there were no animators and animation companies who work so hard to bring beautiful stories to the big screen? All the unreal, yet fantastic characters we see are brought to life by animators. Even though freelancing is a great option, yet most of the animators are or want to work with high end production houses. For them what matters is job satisfaction, work appreciation, along with the cash that flows in. These animators are the lifeline of the industry.

We’ll take you through the 5 gems in the industry who create magic with their work.

1.) Industrial Light And Magic:

Also popularly known as ILM, it was started by George Lucas in 1975. They say he was not satisfied with the skill level in technology, so he started this company and took on the first project of Star Wars. And the rest they say is history. When 2D and 3D were still being explored as animation styles ILM took animation to another level and achieved success with it. Terminator 2, Jurassic Park etc, would not have been the same without their special effects and animation. ILM can be called the pioneers in animation for the work they have done and still continue to explore new avenues to augment the industry.

2.) Walt Disney Animation Studios:

The name is worth its weight in gold in the animation world. For decades, Walt Disney has influenced the industry and the world. It has been the leader to take 2D to a new level. And now it’s set foot in the 3D domain as well. There’s no sign of slowing down as they’re making animation movies, that entertain and influence the lives of millions. Walt Disney Animation Studios will always be linked with the development of the animation industry.

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3.) Pixar:

When the subject of animation comes up, Pixar cannot be left out of the conversation. With the increasing number of 3D films and several Academy Awards under its belt, Pixar has changed the way we look at 3D animation. With a massive inflow of work from Pixar, it is hard to believe that 3D animation is relatively new in animation film history. Their body of work has been appreciated and has been a source of inspiration for many countries to do so.

These top 3 animation companies are keeping up with the global competition and making quality films and creations of their own which the world is looking up and forward too.

Dharmendra AhujaAbout The Author:Authored by Dharmendra  Ahuja, PitchWorx. Specializes in creating animated explainer videos and corporate presentation design that are compelling, engaging and which convert for your business. We with a super talented team of graphic designers and animators are ready to turn your idea into reality.

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