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Things To Decide Before Producing An Explainer Video For Startup

It might just take about 1 or 2 minutes to watch an explainer video but it a whole lot of time and care to produce it. It requires rolling up of sleeves high and getting down for some deep research in order to get it just right. What you need is information, some facts a plan to get your desired explainer video for startup.

Now don’t get all dizzy at the thought of having to map out each and every step right from the beginning. We have laid out a simple guide for you, to help you in explainer video production. Before production starts, here are 5 things to spend time on:

Step 1.) Do You Know Exactly Who Your Target Audience Is?

You are making a video to reach them so knowing them well is very important. You have to know for sure, who needs your product/services and would they be interested in making a purchase. You cannot start your project, without knowing your audience, it’s like shooting guns with no bullets. And when you’re already spending time and money on a brand new explainer video then it would be a total waste if you don’t know who you’re hitting, right?

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Step 2.) Next, The Total Look Of The Video: The Tone, The Pace And Style:

While you’re deciding on this part, let’s talk about the advantage of knowing your target audience here. You can anytime alter the pace, tone and style on the basis of their preferences. Let’s say you have an app with a series of aptitude tests with correct, detailed results. Then, most likely your target audience will be young audience, as they are they are the ones who’re need to decide which university to go to, which direction to head or what jobs they should apply to. Your startup video should be more like a guide to them but in a language, style and tone that they’ll be interested in.


Step 3.) Always Pick The Right Voice:

Remember to pick a voice in your explainer video that you yourself would want to hear. A voice that with a personality that fits perfectly and represents your brand’s message quickly and effectively. If the message is all about giving out information then choose a voice that’s trustworthy and engaging. If there’s a tiny dose of humor in your message then going for a voice that’s familiar and playful helps a lot.

Step 4.) Do You Need A Background Music Comes In As Step 4:

Background music in an explainer video for startup can be either used as one of the key players or as a mere companion depending upon it’s impact on the delivery of the message. If the video is all about building emotions then the background score plays the “main player”. It should be slow at the beginning and then increase the tempo as it continues. On the other hand, if the concept of the video is funny then the background music should be something that’s cheerful and full of humor.

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Step 5.) Lastly, How Much Are You Willing To Spend On This Video?

This one’s a no brainer. Depending on the budget you’ve prepared for this video the rest of the choices are usually taken based on it. In a live-action video every scene would require costume changes and different locations and that would shoot up the budget. The bottom line is only the budget will decide what format the video will be.

Along with these 5 points, remember that besides you taking all the calling shots, it’s good and preferable to take a second opinion or maybe even a third one. Because when you think your explainer video is good but it might end up irking others. You don’t want that right?

Dharmendra AhujaAbout The Author:

Authored by Dharmendra Ahuja. Specializes in creating explainer videos and corporate presentation design that are compelling, engaging and which convert for your business. We with a super talented team of graphic designers and animators are ready to turn your idea into reality.

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