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How To Grow Your Business With A Blog?

Blogging can offer your business the chance to grow in an organic way by building strong relationships with readers who will continue to return to your content time and time again. This is unique. In days past, businesses had to pay for advertising in order to reach customers. In many ways, blogging and social media have revolutionized the ways businesses interact with their customers.

Here are just a few of the ways that you can grow your business through your blog.

Blogs Build Brand Awareness:

Brand awareness can be built a number of ways, most of them paid. For example, television and radio advertising, direct mail campaigns, billboards, and trade shows. But it is growing harder and harder to reach people through these paid channels primarily because of the amount of noise out there. People are so overexposed to advertising that they have become expert at filtering it out.

That’s where blogs come in. They have the ability to cut through all the noise by speaking directly to your customers and helping to solve their problems, or offer entertaining content. In a sense, it gives a business more control over their brand image. You decide what to say about your company on your blog. You choose the content.

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Blogs Can Help Increase Sales And Leads:

A single article or blog post can only contain so much information. Over time, however, a blog can convey several books worth of highly detailed, useful information. That’s a lot of industry knowledge. When potential customers begin searching for solutions to their problems, and they land on your blog — all of that knowledge will quickly establish you as an expert voice in your field. This can boost your credibility while shortening lead times.

Adding a lead generation magnet as a free download can help convince readers to give you their email address. That is essentially an invitation to their inbox. If you need help with blogging or coming up with a lead magnet, you can connect with professional writers through a platform like Gumtree.


Blogs Support Sales Teams:

If you ask your sales team, they will probably tell you that they spend a significant amount of time fielding the same questions from prospect after prospect. If you can tap into this gold mine, you’ll find a wealth of new SEO rich blog content that can bring in new customers while serving as a resource for your sales team.

Each frequently asked question can be turned into its own blog post. When a prospect approaches your sales team with it, they can direct them to the blog. It will save them time while increasing customer satisfaction.

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Blogs Are Great For Research:

Blogs naturally lend themselves to two-way communication because of their ability for readers to leave comments and for bloggers to respond personally. The opportunity to learn from your customers and readers through their comments should not be ignored. You might even take advantage of the opportunity to communicate by asking specific questions about what your customers want, what they need, or any improvements they would like to see in your products or services.

Blogs Help You Get Found Through The Search Engines:

A blog lets you position yourself so you’ll be there ready to go when prospects go online to search for solutions to their problems. It’s the modern equivalent to the Yellow Pages. The great thing about blogging is that the more you do it, the more valuable your blog becomes in the eyes of the search engines. All that knowledge continues to build on itself, an entire library being indexed by Google.

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