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Myriad Apps In A Smartphone To Facilitate Daily Activities Of Visually Impaired

Myriad Apps In A Smartphone To Facilitate Daily Activities Of Visually Impaired

The use of Smartphone is in vogue now. But being visually impaired cannot prevent your near and dear ones from enjoying using these phones. With the advent of technology, there has been a breakthrough which has enabled the visually challenged to use these portable devices with ease.

Various apps are installed in these devices that make them user friendly, and help the user to overcome the daily obstacles like reading an SMS or any other text, catching a bus and also gather information regarding the unknown places or the areas that they visit, which boosts their morale while travelling in the real world.

Easy To Handle:

Availing social networking sites and communicating with people across the world is very common use of Smartphone. The new smart devices, for the visually impaired, that have hit the market have incorporated these features in the device. Using the social networking media, reading messages and even clicking an image with the inbuilt camera of the phone is accessible and easy with these phones.

These phones use the operating system that is easy to be handled by the users. To make it user friendly, these phones have uncluttered screens with large buttons. These devices have been designed such that operating the basic option is easy for people with no or little eyesight.

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Innovative Features Of The Phone:

An innovative technology is utilized so the users can choose their desired options and buttons easily. There is also a provision of voice feedback especially when the client interacts with the interface. The phone also allows dialing a number on the touch screen with the aid of voice assistance. To enable voice messages, there is also provision of speech input. The navigation apps installed in the phone helps to identify the potholes or other hazards on the route and help the users in the consecutive road trips.

Myriad Apps In A Smartphone To Facilitate Daily Activities Of Visually Impaired

Know What You Capture:

A host of apps is generally spotted in these phones, irrespective of the make of the same. These can be broadly segregated as Communication, Lifestyle and Travel. These apps are available in various packages. The manufacturers have made sure that the phone is not cluttered with unnecessary apps for the convenience of the user. The features that are under the communication head include, clicking a photo and then be informed about the image with voice assistance, transforming an image to a document and then you can know what you have captured. Users can include a sound clip to the images so that they can spot the same later.

Assistance Through Audio:

It is also easy to broadcast and record audio blogs through this phone. Like the other Smartphone. Receiving and sending tweets is also simple and easy with this phone. There is also an app that can aid the user to call a helper to know your exact position. These features in the phones for blind people guarantees exemplary user experience. Listening to speaking newspaper, podcasts and audio books is easy with these phones. The best part of these phones is the voice assistance where you can have your queries answered through question and answer through audio format.

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Aids In Travelling:

To assist in travelling there are apps that can spot places of tourist interest like museums, zoos, cafes and bus stops. You can also know the nearest bus stop or public transportation, you can find it easily. Apps that predict weather of your city is also available with this phone. Thus, with these phones, impairment is just a physical state which cannot be any barrier to enjoying various advancement of technology. These phones specially aim at providing exemplary digital experience to the users that can help them in their daily activities.



About the Author:
Jenny Richards was in a frantic search for one Smartphone for her visually impaired sister. Various features of phones for blind people have urged her to grab a device so that it aids her in daily activities.

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