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Read Some Useful Features That You Will Find In The Android 5.0

Android 5.0 Lollipop is out which is an exciting news for all the android fans out there because it brings along with it so many awesome features that there is nothing in it not to be excited about. You might have probably learnt about the amazing features it is providing but the Lollipop offers in more depth than just features. In this content you will learn some hidden and unknown handy features which might help you for a better, easier and most importantly very quick use of your smartphone.

1.) Fast Access To The Settings:

You might have had to swipe down the notifications which will bring you a list of notifications where you will have to swipe a second time to get to the settings. Well that was for earlier versions for 5.0 you just have to swipe down two fingers instead of one and you will be directed straight to the settings.

2.) Silence The Smartphone Quickly:

When the Android 5.0 will be out totally, gone will be those days when you had to hold the volume down button to quickly silence the device but not anymore. For the Lollipop you just have to tap the bell icon to switch to the vibrate mode or otherwise you can completely silence the device by pressing the volume locker and not tapping anything but then you won’t be receiving any notifications at all. But you can easily change you priority settings from the settings -> sound and notifications -> app notifications after which you will have the complete control over the notifications to your smartphone.

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3.) Easy Management Of The Notification:

An another new feature which allows you to set the notifications for the individual apps straight from any notifications by tapping the “i” icon. And after that by default you will find that the notifications show up on the lock screen also. That can also be easily changed when the device is in locked state by going to settings and then to the sound and notification. And if you have a pin or a password for your device then you can find a sensitive option within each app by going to the settings and then to the sound and notifications and then to the app notifications. This will let you hide few sensitive and personal apps visible in the lock screen notifications for that specific app.


4.) Create A Protected Profile:

To create a profile and order all what they have access to is especially handy for shared devices. To start creating a profile pull down the notification shade and then tap the of yours in the top-right corner. You will be provided with a guest profile already there by default which can be useful if you are passing the phone to someone else and if you don’t want them check out anything that they shouldn’t from your device. And for more customization options you can even create new profiles via Add user and put a lock pattern, PIN or password for the profile which you don’t want others to access.

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5.) Pin Your Screen To One Place:

You are even given an option to pin or put a weight on your screen to avoid friends or curious and eager kids from moving from the open apps. You can turn it on simply by going to the Settings->Security and then pull down the screen and turn on the Screen pinning. And then lastly tap the overview button where you will find a green pin at the bottom right of each app. Just tap on that and it will be pinned on to the screen and will be fixed there until you tap and hold back and overview together. You can also set up a pin, pattern or password set up to unpin otherwise.

6.) Reach Your Destination Fast:

There are plenty of short cuts in android 5.0 which will allow you to get wherever you want and get you whatever you want in a hurry. On the lock screen you can unlock your device by tapping on the screen and sliding the padlock and you can also swipe left to direct yourself straight into the phone or right to the launch camera. You don’t have to take the trouble about checking each option to get what you are finding in the settings, just simply tapping the magnifying glass icon on the top right you can type in your search query. For example, you can type “Wi-Fi” will curate a list of all the Wi-Fi related options on your phone.

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7.) An Easy Way To Save The Battery Life:

You can get the details of where all the battery juice is swallowed up by going in the settings->Battery. Well to solve that problem you have a battery caver option in the Android 5.0. On the battery screen simply tap the three vertical dots in the top right and then choose battery saver and then toggle it on. This will remove the unnecessary vibrations, limits the performance and stops the background data. And the feature will even turn itself off when you plug the phone into a charger.

These were just few of the many unknown features which must have been unknown to most of the Android 5.0 users. More than a feature you can call it as a simple short cut tricks or tips to get your work completed easily.

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