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Top Revenue Making iOS Gaming Apps – Infographics

Apple lovers can hardly be kept away from the App Store, serving the hottest and most irresistible iPhone games, spread across dozens of genres, using the best graphics, delivering riveting gaming experiences, and most importantly, recording revenues worth millions of dollars for the digital giant! The top 200 most popular iOS gaming apps are collectively worth more than $9mn, making the App Store among the richest digital app libraries. The novelty of the in-app purchases makes it fascinating to observe iOS gaming apps’ financial success.

Purchasing weapons and construction assets in strategy games, unlocking exciting puzzle gaming rounds, registering one’s name on the leader boards by clearing levels that require you to purchase futuristic in-game weapons – there are some really smart revenue models being leveraged by the best and most successful iOS gaming apps.

This Infograph is shared here after legal permission from Top Android Apps

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