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The Key Characteristics Of A High Quality Link – Infographic

When it comes to being visible online, citations and mentions of your site from other sites are one of the ways search engines determine where you will rank. While this may seem simple enough, it’s crucial to remember that not all citations are created equal.

As Google’s algorithms change constantly, posting backlinks on loads of low quality sites doesn’t get your site ranked highly anymore. Today, it’s all about online presence (which is, ideally, akin to omnipresence). This isn’t to say that references and traffic from a variety of other sites isn’t valuable. Rather, impact lies with citations that are organically gained as a result of value provided (i.e. genuinely beneficial content). It’s about finding traffic where you can and driving it back to your site. It’s about giving those online what they want, as effectively as possible, and ensuring what they want is you.

However, some links are, in fact, more credible than others. As a result, such links will hold more weight when it comes to convincing a search engine that your site (that is, the site the link is pushing traffic to) should take priority. While there is no exact scientific formula for creating the “perfect” citation, there are a few qualities of a link to take into consideration when trying to improve your site’s online visibility.

This Infograph is shared here after legal permission from Media Vision

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8 Responses to “The Key Characteristics Of A High Quality Link – Infographic”

  1. John Rowan says:

    A great article regarding links. I will definitely be using these tips going forward in my business. Thanks again for sharing!

  2. hydresonance says:

    Great article – along with all the significant guidance you gave. Furthermore, thank you for the exact portrayal on how to achieve good results regarding links.

  3. andrea s says:

    natural link and go to onpage optimization, i think it’s best action

  4. yokoz says:

    i’a a newbie blogger and i don’t know about seo or other, i think seo is backlink

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