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Top 8 Most Efficient And Effective Online Marketing Tips

When it comes to online marketing, you can never be sure which campaigns will go viral. If you follow these tips, however, all of your campaigns will have the potential to go viral, and the odds will always be in your favor.

1.) Offer Freebies:

Never underestimate the power of the word “free.” Blaze it across all your ads, banners and pop-ups. Put it at the very top of your newsletters and account updates. Even if you’re only offering free services in connection with another offer, customers won’t be able to resist the urge to investigate, and that means more clicks for you.

2.) Start A Blog:

Blogs are a great way to establish yourself as an authority in the field. By posting informative, non-commercial content, you’ll gain readers and respect for your brand, and shoppers will be much more likely to listen to you when you slip in recommendations for your own products and services.

3.) Choose A Social Media Platform:

Instead of stretching yourself across a dozen social media accounts, pick 2-3 and focus your efforts on them exclusively. Not only will this ensure better, more targeted content all around, but you’ll also be able to build a rapport with that site’s demographic that will eventually translate into sales.

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4.) Use Good SEO:

Every web developer knows about SEO, but were you aware that some practices are more efficient than others? For example, keyword density matters much less than keyword quality. Strong keywords repeated three times are better than generic keywords repeated thirty times.


5.) Embrace Color Psychology:

Have you ever wondered why Facebook and Twitter are both blue? It’s because blue is a soothing color that allows time to pass without people realizing it. Red, on the other hand, is a striking, energizing color that demands attention, and green evokes images of wealth and class. Use this knowledge to your advantage while creating ads.

6.) Emulate the Experts:

Think of an advertising campaign you really admire. Who was behind it? How did it start? Look at people like Clarence Gooden, the vice president of sales and marketing at CSX Corp. How can you modify your career based on his? What mistakes has he made that you can avoid? What successes has he achieved that you can copy?

7.) Be Accessible:

Not everyone will visit your site from a traditional computer. Some will use their smartphones; others will use their tablets, laptops and e-readers. You’ll want to make sure your content to accessible to everyone, and this may mean creating several different versions of your website for various gadgets and gizmos. If people can’t access your site the way they want, they might decide not to bother at all.

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8.) Don’t Forget Email:

Email may seem like the stegosaurus of online advertising, but studies have shown that it still does enough business to be relevant. It can also save you a lot of time in terms of clickbait and site optimization; emails will be delivered straight to the customer’s inbox with no effort necessary on their part. It’s a medium worth exploring.

These are just eight tips for better online marketing. Whether you’re a mom-and-pop store or an international conglomerate, the future of advertising is definitely on the Internet.

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  1. Umapathy says:


    Good tips you have mentioned for online marketing. Will be very useful for the newbies



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    Great Tips about Online Marketing. it works for me to increase traffic for my web sites. you can visit

  3. John Rowan says:

    Great post with some excellent tips. As a rookie of online marketing I will definitely be using these tips going forward. Thanks again and keep sharing posts!!

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