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Instagram Algorithm Changed – How To Hack The Algorithm & Gain 100k Followers?

Are you tired of seeing your Instagram posts not reach their full potential? Are you looking for ways to hack the Instagram algorithm and gain more followers?

In this article, we will discuss the recent changes Instagram has made to its algorithm and how to use those changes to increase your following. We will look at strategies for finding high-value content that resonates with users, crafting eye-catching visuals for your posts, optimizing hashtags for maximum visibility, and taking advantage of every feature Instagram provides.

By the end of this article, you will clearly understand how Instagram’s algorithm works and how to use it to gain 100K followers. So let’s get started!

How Does The Instagram Algorithm Works In 2023?

Instagram implements an algorithm that curates and ranks content every time users check their feed to keep its users active. This algorithm is critical to understanding why some content succeeds while others fail and how to take advantage of the platform’s potential best.

In the past, the Instagram algorithm was based on the “chronological” model, meaning posts were shown in the order they were uploaded. However, in 2021, Instagram changed to an “engagement-based” ranking system, where the order of posts is determined by user engagement.

The exact specifics of the algorithm are top secret, but we know that Instagram prioritizes posts with better engagement. Posts with higher engagement are likelier to appear at the top of people’s feeds. Instagram also looks at the type of content, who posted it, and when it was posted.

Engagement metrics include but are not limited to, likes, comments, shares, saves, direct messages, and link clicks. Other metrics include how often a post appears on the “Explore” page, the caption quality, and the image quality. If your content engages people, it will be boosted and pushed to the top of people’s feeds, meaning more people will see your post, and chances are they will like or comment on it.

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So if you want to gain more followers on Instagram in 2023, optimize your content and engagement metrics. Post content that your followers will find interesting, relevant, and engaging. Use exciting graphics, clear captions, emojis, and hashtags to make your post stand out. Taking the time to understand your audience and what kind of content they engage with will go a long way in helping you reach your goals.

How Does The Instagram Algorithm Ranks Content?

The Instagram algorithm is a complex system designed to promote the most engaging content for users. It works by taking a variety of factors into account to identify what kind of content to prioritize. This includes the user’s interests, the type of content, when it was posted, how active users engage with it, and how often the user posts.

The more engaging the content, the higher it will be ranked on the algorithm. This means that if you consistently create high-quality content that is liked and interacted with, it will receive higher visibility. Additionally, you may see higher post reach if you post at the right time and increase your active engagement with users.

Knowing precisely how the algorithm works can be challenging, as it is constantly being updated and changed. However, it is possible to gain some insights into how the algorithm works by analyzing the timing of posts and monitoring engagement levels. If you can figure out what works for your content and audience, you can tailor your posts to maximize their visibility and reach.

The key to mastering the algorithm is to post frequently and consistently, with posts that encourage user interaction. This could include posts that spark conversation, ask questions, or use stories and video content to engage followers. Additionally, using hashtags strategically can help bring in new followers and reach a wider audience.

Finally, it is essential to remember that the Instagram algorithm will constantly be updated and changed, so it’s crucial to stay up-to-date with the latest news and trends to take advantage of them. By understanding and utilizing the algorithm, you can hack it to your advantage, gain more followers, and increase your reach.


Hacking The Instagram Algorithm To Stay On Top

As Instagram continues to evolve, so does its algorithm. The algorithm is designed to surface the most relevant content to its users, and as such, it varies significantly over time. With this in mind, staying ahead of the algorithm is essential if you want to stay on top of the Instagram game.

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To start, understanding the various elements of the algorithm is the key to success. Five primary factors influence how content is displayed in the feed: relationships, timeliness, frequency, usage, and interests. Based on past interactions, the algorithm considers how much a user engages with your content when they engage with it and what kind of content they are likely to be interested in. By knowing and understanding these elements, you can create content that will trigger the algorithm to favor it – and bring your content to the top of the feed.

The next step to hacking the algorithm is to focus on engagement. The more engagement your content receives, the better it will perform. Focus on creating content that will generate a strong response from your audience. This might include interactive posts, stories, or polls. Utilizing hashtags and collaborating with influencers in your space are great ways to increase engagement.

Finally, another critical component to boosting your content’s reach is to be consistent. Consistently post content at the same time of day, and follow the best practices for content structure. This includes utilizing images, videos, and audio in your posts and providing detailed captions and descriptions. All of these will ensure that the algorithm does not overlook your content.

It takes time and effort to stay on top of the algorithm, but if you stay consistent and work hard, you can achieve the goals you set out for yourself. Good luck!

How To Gain Followers With The 2023 Instagram Algorithm?

The Instagram algorithm changes rapidly, and staying ahead of the curve can challenge any user. However, with the right strategy and knowledge, you can quickly hack the algorithm and gain up to 100K followers!

Creating an eye-catching profile is one way to start on the right foot. Your profile should be informative and include a high-quality profile photo and exciting posts that tell a story. It’s essential to have recognizable branding that is consistent throughout your profile.

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Once you have a good profile, it’s time to start thinking about content. Content is king on Instagram, and users will be drawn to creative, informative, and entertaining posts. You should also include hashtags in your posts to get more exposure.

Videos are some of the most concentrated forms of digital media available today, and they should be leveraged whenever possible to take full advantage of the 2023 Instagram algorithm! Create quality video content that offers insights into what’s going behind the scenes at your business or exciting sneak previews into upcoming projects – whatever resonates best with your target market – and watch as it drives organic growth for your account.

Finally, you should look into using Instagram ads to get more followers. Ads can be an effective way to get more exposure and increase your account’s visibility.

Following the above tips, you can quickly hack the Instagram algorithm and gain up to 100K followers! You can easily make your account stand out and grow your following with consistent effort and the right strategies.


To sum it up, understanding and working within the rules of the Instagram algorithm are essential for success in the 2023 digital landscape. Marketers and influencers must understand how the algorithm works and how to use it to maximize reach, engagement, and follower growth.

With the right strategies, anyone can use the Instagram algorithm to their advantage and grow their digital presence faster and easier. So, the next time you want to gain more followers and increase your reach on Instagram, consider these tips and tricks for hacking the Instagram algorithm. With a little effort and dedication, you can quickly become one of the leading voices in your field and significantly impact Instagram.

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