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Design Change: Running From Me To You

UX design actually means user experience design. If we would talk about its first appearance, some researchers would find the roots of it even since late 1940s when the concentration on the interaction between human users and machines was a very important sphere. However, talking more specifically it could be connected with the era of computing which started about 1990s.

Donald Norman is the person that we should be grateful for bringing up the term of user experience into existence and this nowadays trend to concentrate on what we feel through the connection with machines.

What It Stands For:

Understanding the main features of UX design is not really hard as the name by itself already reveals a lot. Mainly it is the process of enchasing user satisfaction which means that designers put all the efforts to make the websites convenient and easy to use, attractive and maintaining an interaction between the product and its user.

There are much discussion on the issue how the UX design actually works, what it stand for and etc, but I actually miss the conversation on how it has changed the way web designers think which influences all the further work.

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From Clicking To Scrolling:

Talking about the navigation of the websites, there is a significant shift – more concentration on scrolling rather than clicking. As new devices such as smartphones and tablets appeared, web designers had to create UX that would be adapted to the new needs. Nowadays we see the latest trend when websites actually place lots of content on the very first landing page rather than encouraging people to click on other options.


More Images, Less Text:

Moreover, if you would open a modern website, you would see that they concentrate on images rather than text. You will find more visual information than ever before. The best example that I could think of is Pinterest. The website actually doesn’t place as much information as they place so many images. However, each of them tells something. A picture is worth more than thousand words, right?

Responsive Design:

If you have never heard about it you need to concern if you have a computer at all. However, you might never though on why this design was born in general. To catch up for those outdated, responsive design provides an optimal viewing experience. It is created to make a website easy to read, navigate, pan or scroll. Everything came up from the UX purpose to enchase your needs. In general, this design adopts the website for various devices such as smartphones or tablets.

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More Influence:

Nowadays, more than ever before we, customers, have an ability to spread our word. As we became so interesting and valuable for developers, we have more influence to affect their decisions. That’s how actually all the computers and other related technologies have appeared – it doesn’t matter what they think anymore, it matters what do we say.

All in all, UX has completely changed the thinking of web designers who now mainly concentrate on the customer needs rather than on disrespected ambitions of professionals. Now, more than ever before we have an ability to influence computing market by pointing out what we actually need. So there is a significant shift from me/them to you/us.

Judita MaslauskaiteAbout the Author:Judita Maslauskaite is a passionate blogger and communicator. She writes all things tech at Host1Plus, an international hosting service provider, based in UK, London.”

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