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LinkedIn 11th Birthday: The Road To 300 Million Users [Infograph]

LinkedIn 11th Birthday: The Road To 300 Million [Infograph]

Linkedin is a phenomenon in the human resources industry. Where previously the Resumé dominated the job search and job appointment procedure, there now also exists a new segment to the process; the Linkedin profile. Today, over 300 million members worldwide have a profile on Linkedin that can be leveraged by recruiters and individuals alike in the job search process.

Launching in May 2003, Linkedin is now valued at an estimated $7.5 billion and is mentioned in the same breath as other social network giants such as Facebook and Twitter. Often seen as the more serious of the social networks; Linkedin allows members to show off their educational and work experience in a formatted manner. It allows members to highlight certain skills and achievements but also allows for others to recommend them or ‘endorse’ them for certain skills.

Today it is not unusual for an individual to be headhunted through Linkedin as it is very easy for recruiters to source skilled people through the social network. It facilitates a formal introduction through an internal messaging system and allows for people to connect easily with colleagues. Linkedin also has facility for company pages, which allows businesses to update their stakeholders on any interesting updates.

This infographic charts the history of the ground breaking social network that changed the way we operate in human resources in the modern digital age. Happy 11th Birthday Linkedin!

Linkedin 11th Birthday: The Road To 300 Million [Infograph] If you liked this Infograph and want to check out some more infograph so browse our Infograph label and find out more awesome infograph on different awesome topics. This Infograph is published here after Legal Permission from

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