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How To Fix Black Background Of PNG Transparent Image In Picasa?


We are using Picasa Web Album previously too and didn’t get this issue but since after Google Plus, we are getting this error when we upload a ping transparent image then we got a dark background and we lost our transparency in Picasa Web Album. For this purpose, A workaround has been provided in the Picasa Help Forum that we are sharing here.

As you know that Picasa is the image editor/service that supports Blogger images too so many blogger also complain about it. The problem seems to be hovering after Google introduces a new feature in Google Plus and connected Picasa to it also and named it to the Auto Enhance feature which impacts how Picasa handles images.

So don’t worry as we have the solution to get our real image back in picasa so follow the below steps then upload your image again.

How To Fix This Issue?

1.) Go To Your Google+ Settings Page At
2.) Scroll Down To The Photos and Videos Section.
3.) Check “off” under Auto-enhance Section.
4.) Step 2 & Step 3 Are Shown In The Below ScreenShoot.
5.) It Will Automatically Be Save.


How To Open Picasa Web Album Old Version?

Many want to use Picasa Web Album in its old view and don’t like it in Google Plus new look as we also so here is a direct link that will open your Picasa Web Album is older look. Just open and you will get your desire.

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Last Words:

This is what we have for Picasa Web Album users. We have more for you around these topics so stay with us. Now if you liked it then share it and leave your comment or if have any query, then feel free to contact us.

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