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How To Increase The Online Visibility Of Your Website?

Fortunately, the right way to start is with basics and involves an idea that completely depends on you or in your control. There are thousands of things which you can do with your web design and make your website more visible to a search engine and will need to put more efforts to stand out in a competitive market.

Your competitors might have hired a digital marketing expert to get their business more established and get their website higher than yours. All of the time the competitors are really working hard, looking to replace you from your top position. If you want to survive at the first position in this marketplace, now is the time to make your marketing strategy strong and rank at the first position of the search engine.

To increase the online visibility of your website you have to follow all the rules, guidelines, and algorithm of Google to rank your website on top and help search engine and your customer to notice your website. Many site visitors are there who don’t like flash and even Google also don’t like flash content much, better to avoid using flash. Likewise, many other things are there to consider.

1.) Simple For Search Engine To Crawl:

Crawling is the grasping of the content in simple terms and to grab the content spiders were send to the sites and if it navigates any trouble, then those pages would disappear from the search engine.

What are the issues or troubles:-

  • Do away with Flash navigation: Flash navigation is not much liked by the users, and should not be used especially for navigation on the website. Search engine Visibility will be affected if you use Flash for navigation.
  • Get rid of navigation that depends on JavaScript: All JavaScript navigation is not good for a website. Although not all JavaScript navigation is bad, some samples conceal the web page address from the spider.
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2.) Revamp Your Title Tags:

The title is something which should be impressive and written with bold words in the title bar; most of the business owners are not perfect with the title tags. For ranking well the title plays an important role.

Here are some tricks for title tag improvement:-

  • Words which people used for searching at search engine: People more likely to search those things which they need, let’s say “how to use keyboard” or “Skin care doctor”, people generally search terms with these names and never used the name of your company directly.
  • Title should be unique: Every page on your site is different and unique. The search engine would find all the pages if your title, content is impressive and unique from your competitors.
  • Focus more on First few words of your title: The focus of the search engines are more inclined to the starting few words in a title, so starting words should be attractive and unique than the whole phrase.

3.) Incoming Links Quantity Should Be More:

The links which you get on your site should be a quality link and always try to acquire those links to your site. It builds confidence on you and for visitors; there are various methods to get these incoming links:

  • Get registered in official directories: The most weight would be carried down by paid directories at the search engine and it will give a good return on investment to you.
  • Get links from article and content: By writing an article you can reach to a huge audience and get backlinks to your website from every visitor, quality content is always be appreciated and liked, share, tweet by everybody which will give more popularity to your content and your site.
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4.) Blog Writing:

Writing blog will make you active on your site and it involves updating your website daily, which will be noticed by the search engine actively. Adding blog page and regular blog updates will help you in SEO and build your links.

Writing anything will not be an easy task, so structure your blog post with formatting header 1 and header 2. Even guest blogging is also the option to increase blog traffic to your website and invite people to your site to blog and post their content. Liking and sharing of the article will bring new readers or visitors to your site. Just be sure that your article should contain high-quality content without spammy links. The strength of your link does not only depend on the number of sites links back to you, it depends on the internal linking structure.


5.) Email Marketing:

Email marketing is the best way to attract more customers; it is powerful tools which update the customer with your new arrival and make them familiar with your brand name. The one thing which should be avoided while doing email marketing is to peppered people with lots of business update daily. Just be careful not to bombard people with unabated emails about your business activity. Your email reminder should be a friendly one with the customers who are enjoying your services.

6.) Make Your Website Responsive:

Today, internet browsing was no more done on the desktop system; with the advancement in technology more people are using a Smartphone to access the internet and therefore the responsive website is in more demand. Google consider this as one of the important factors in ranking algorithm and even you can check the responsiveness of your website by clicking here Responsive Design or Responsinator

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7.) Speed Of The Site:

Have you ever wait more than 20 seconds for a webpage to load? No Right! Speed is the important factor to consider, your site speed score decide how well your site is designed and even Google also consider this speed factor for ranking website. Optimize your web pages technically and check the speed score for your website using this link Google Page Speed Insights.

8.) Be Active In Comment Section:

You are sharing and liking the content but it is not enough, your activeness on comment section will make you more popular and engage your readers with you. Commenting doesn’t boost traffic suddenly on your site; it will take time and drive more traffic. You should be active on the regular basis at your blog site.

Do some researchers work for your business and your competitors’ to get more advantage. You can check out the social performance of sites and look out what people are reading and where the traffic is more, analyses and then imitate that to drive traffic.


These tips really help you out with improving ranking and increase the online visibility of your website. Include this to your marketing strategy list and then see the changes at the search engine. Online visibility is increased with maximizing your efforts on content marketing, social media marketing, website usability, guest posting and much more. Connecting with your customer directly will generate a great response.

About the Author:Hello,I got my start with the website development company as a technical content writer from India, Aditi Mehra writes about the website designing and development blog or article and I love writing and readers inspire me to write every day.

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