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Showcasing Your Products With Animated Video

Video is an increasingly popular form of content on social media channels and YouTube and is used effectively by companies globally to put their products and services directly on the screens of potential purchasers.

By using a short 2D animated video, you have even more chance of getting your content in front of interested buyers by capturing their attention in a short space of time. The best way is to use this short period to bring your products to life and show how they solve a problem or generate more income for the customer.

Getting Started With Your Animated Video:

For smaller firms or those with heavy pressures on their marketing budgets, it can be daunting to try to find additional funds for making videos. At the same time, producing videos in-house can be a risky business if your team do not have the right skills to do so.

Working with an external video production agency can be a solution to this. The trick is finding the right one that can fit your budget but produce a quality video that will produce the results you need.

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What Do You Want Your Video To Do?:

The first trick with animated videos is to get the viewer to watch them – at least for the first few seconds. During this time, you need to quickly tell the viewer how you help them solve a problem.

Encouraging the viewer to take any action at the end of the video is also important to convert them to a sale. Depending on the type of product or service you sell, you can encourage people to request a free trial, download a sample, or ask for a callback. Alternatively, if your business is an eCommerce store looking for immediate sales, you could offer a promotion for the viewer to buy right away.

Whatever your call to action is, use 2D video to show what your products can do. Showing people what they could benefit from in the context of solving their problems is a great way to start with designing your videos.


Consider Your Design:

When you think about designing your video, first plan out your budget, or at least have an idea of how much you could have available to spend on video. Although the 2D video is cheaper to produce than the 3D video, you still need to be realistic with your budget and plan from there.

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Also, try to think about the overall return on investment of your videos instead of just the production costs. Videos can be proliferated across all social media platforms to attract organic viewers and paid clicks.

2D video can be especially effective on social media when displayed as serialized short clips. This has the advantage that it does not need to keep viewers’ attention for long. Instead, it takes a ‘little and often approaches to getting traffic back to your website.

Recruiting Your Video Production Agency:

If you have made the decision to use an agency to produce your video, you have made a good call. You can get specialist expertise to produce your videos without needing to incur the cost of hiring a permanent member of staff.

To begin recruiting your agency, put together an outline of your firm and what you are looking to achieve with your video. You may want to use it to generate specific leads, or simply to build your brand awareness.

Next, do a little research and find some video agencies that you think might be a good fit for your objectives. Whether you place priority on the location of the agency, their style, their size or other considerations, a little homework will help you find the right fit for you.

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As you carry out your recruitment, remember you are in the driving seat. There are a lot of companies that offer Animation video production services out there, so use this to your advantage! Ask your shortlisted agencies to send you some ideas on how they would position your firm and products. Evaluate the answers to see which agency you think you could work best with, and then arrange to have a conversation with them.

Check Their Credentials:

All good agencies worth their salt should have an extensive portfolio of work published online and readily available. Look through this and see how their content performs on social media.

You can also search for some reviews and testimonials to see what their existing customers think of their work. Look for an agency that wants to understand your business and bring creative suggestions to help build your sales.

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