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Common Mistakes While Refilling Ink Cartridges At Home

Common Mistakes While Refilling Ink Cartridges At Home

If you are using and advent printer and you are refilling it with advent ink then you will commit many mistakes. If you are a newbie, you might not be aware of the right way of refilling. People surely find it easy to purchase the ink refilling kits and refill the cartridges at home but in the effort to save money, they damage the cartridge itself.

Refilling Sponge Based Cartridges:

There many ink cartridges, which require an internal sponge by using air to take out the left over ink from the empty cartridges. It is quite simple. You just have to replace the volume of ink by inserting equal amount of air inside the cartridge. If air does not go inside the cartridge, it will be impossible for you to take out ink. Some cartridges have a small vent hole at the top.

This hole allows air to get into the cartridge. On some cartridges, it is not clearly visible. A layman may not be able to find it. Take a look at the top of the cartridge to find the hole. There are often small indentations present at the top label. These indentations can lead to air paths, which will directly lead to the chambers of the cartridges. If you seal these, then the refill will become unsuccessful.

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Reuse Of Original Tape:

Some cartridges have built in print heads are also available. The tri color cartridges mostly fall in this category. When storing cartridges, what people do is that they reuse the original tape. This is because people think it worked for my HP cartridges so it will work for any other cartridge too.

That is not the case. If you will apply the tap back onto the print head, ink will wick out of the jets and will flow into another jet. Sometimes, the ink wicks out of the jets and a huge mess is created. So, do not use original sealing tape when storing the cartridges.

Common Mistakes While Refilling Ink Cartridges At Home

Cleaning Cartridges With Water:

Some companies recommend you to let the cartridges sit in water so that the jets can be cleaned. This again might not work for all cartridges. The contact points in some cartridges are not embedded into the cartridge, but they are glued instead.

If you will leave the cartridges in too water then water will wick into the jets. If you have placed the cartridges in a wider pan, chances are more water will get inside the cartridges. You will have to take the water out before putting in ink.

It is better if you use a saturated coffee filter or paper towel for cleaning the cartridges. Water will mix with the dry ink and the clumps of ink will break and dissolve in. You will be able to pull this water out with paper towel easily.

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Purchasing Refilling Kits When Cartridges Get Empty:

Many people are ready to purchase the refill kits with catchy sales messages. They discontinue using the cartridges in the hope to save the ink but when they really need to take prints, they find that they are out of ink. That is because if you do not shut the printer properly, it will go in cleaning cycle and during this, it will keep on consuming the ink. Whether you have a color cartridge, you will still find that too much ink has been consumed from the color sections too.

After this incident, people rush towards purchasing the ink refilling kits the say you can refill the ink within minutes. This is not the right way to purchase these refilling kits. People simply get attracted by the messages but when they finally get the refilling kits, they do not actually know how to use them and what to do with them. Do not become such a consumer. Use your printer wisely and do not purchase these refilling kits until you are not aware of their usage.

Refilling Cartridges When They Inside The Printer:

There are some refilling kits, which instruct you to refill the ink cartridges when they are inside the printer. Lazy people, who do this even if it is not instructed. There are a very few cartridges that can be refilled within the printer. Do not think your cartridges can also be refilled like this. If you will do this, then you can spill ink inside the printer too.

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In addition, even if you are careful while placing ink, even if a slight amount of ink goes in excess then this can create many issues. There are just too many risks with refilling the ink cartridges at homes. It might sound easy but this is a tricky task that no layman can perform. You can even spill the ink on your clothes or on the floor while refilling.

There are many other errors, which people can encounter while refilling the ink cartridges at home. No matter how much knowledge you possess about printers, a slight error can make the cartridges useless. There are even chances that air bubbles will create within the cartridges while refilling.

In order to avoid all this hassle, you must simply find an ink refilling station near your place and get the cartridges refilled from there. They will know how to do the refills in a proper way. Make sure the shop has ample experience in doing this task otherwise; your printer will not recognize the cartridges.

About the Author:
Muhammad Azam is an avid blogger and gadget enthusiastic. He generally writes on technology related topics especially like printers, computers and ink cartridges. If you are looking for best deals on ink cartridges then contact me.

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  1. David Carr says:

    Made a few of these mistakes when i first started refilling my cartridges. Great advice

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