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Best Website Optimization Tips To Improve User Experience Of Mobile Visitors

Best Website Optimization Tips To Improve User Experience Of Mobile Visitors

Are you are marketer, and is your site fully optimized in readiness for the mobile and tablet generation? Unless you’ve been living inside a cave for the last 10 years, you probably know the benefits of optimizing your site for mobile users. If you say ”Yes” to this question, you are good to go. However, if you say No, then this is the best opportunity to learn a few tips in readiness to optimizing your website for mobile browsing.

The mobile version of your site gives the instant consumer an advantage you might not be aware of. In this era, we no longer sit in front of our desktop to wait for pages to load. In fact, we can be anywhere as we wait for those pages to load, even on a rooftop. That’s the reason why you must ensure that your site is available for people to access it through mobile devices, and that it should be properly optimized to enhance mobile consumer experience.

Your guide to best website optimization tips to improve user experience of mobile visitors. The following are things you need to do right away to start capitalizing on this market segment. Here we go:

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1.) Optimize Your Site: Know The Basics:

Use CSS in your coding to make content visually appealing in small screens. Reduce the size of the images and ensure that content and fonts are easy to scan and understand.

Optimize content and images by utilizing keywords found in Google Adwords mobile search. Sprinkle those keywords strategically all over your pages, plus avoid using ads. They’ll prevent your content from being visible.

2.) Your Design Options: Transcode And Mobile Sub-Domain:

Google Transcode: You can use Google’s configuration tool to transcode your site from classic HTML to the mobile version. However, it won’t give users a unified experience. If you use Google for your tasks, you risk your content and images being resized to unappealing standards. You also risk making your page develop errors, or appear as duplicate, and an overall bad user experience. But how do you avoid all this? Take advantage of mobile sub-domain.

Best Website Optimization Tips To Improve User Experience Of Mobile Visitors

3.) Mobile Sub-Domain:

You can make a mobile sub-domain specifically for your site. You can do it by creating sub-domain txt files. In fact, this is very essential when it comes to giving search directions and indexing. You see, if you create a distinct mobile URL, you’ll prevent it from interfering with your initial optimization. That will give users the same experience on the small screen. Furthermore, it will allow Googlebot to visit the mobile site and index it as well.

4.). Mobile Preview: Don’t Be Fooled:

Test your site on W3C mobile to see if it’s mobile-friendly. Test it with multiple devices and browsers to confirm.

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Note: Not everyone has made that switch to use smartphones. Though the number of smartphone users is on the rise, there are still others who are using classic phones. You have to ensure that your site is looking good no matter the size of the screen it’s being viewed on. Consider your designing and coding options.

5.) Use Semantic Makeup:

You might want to use clean, semantic makeup for your mobile website endeavors. This technique makes sites SEO friendly, plus it eliminates unnecessary HTML elements to make sites mobile-friendly. That’s one thing you must take advantage of.

6.) Pictures And Graphics Must Be Clickable (Say 40 And Above Pixels Is Okay):

With touch screens dominating the market, consumers use their fingertips when clicking on images. As soon as they open images, they should only be presented with large buttons. Clickable menus, buttons, and links should be large, in such a way that they can grab attention, and allow easy navigation on the page.

7.) Avoid JAVA Or Flash:

The reason why avoiding the two will put you on top of the competition is the fact that Apple does not use flash, and they’ve declared that they have no intentions of using it in the future. Now, is that relevant to you? It is because statistics show that Apple products make up 30% of the market.

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That means a significant percentage of users may not be able to access your site if you use flash. At the same time, many phones don’t support java, and even if they do, they tend to drag in their performance. Remember that your aim is to improve mobile user experience on your site.

These tips, if you follow them, will help you receive good response on your site. Your goal is to maximize your site’s exposure by reaching the mobile segment of the market.

About the Author:
Cally Greene is a blogger and works with as a Team Member. She likes blogging about online strategies that are related to Social Media, Online Marketing, Legal issues and Lawyers Marketing.

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  1. Thanks Cally for informative share! I still see many developers run Java on mobile web. I’m not sure what Java will run in futures.However, in recent time, it still working good.

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