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Social Marketing: Facebook vs Pinterest. Which One Is Better?

Social Marketing: Facebook vs Pinterest. Which One Is Better?

Everyone around the globe knows the significance of visual content and how it influences online business. But, having a visual content on the website adequate enough to drive more traffic to the website? If not, which is the best medium to incorporate them and promote your business? Well, today we have three master-class platforms with astonishing features for promoting online businesses: (I) Facebook, (II) Twitter, and (III) Pinterest. With no idea on which particular medium to choose from for promoting your visual content effectively, this article would help you provide an in-depth insight over the 2 mediums Facebook and Pinterest, and differences that exist between them. Based on the inputs provided below, select the best platform that well represents your business online.

Customer Base:


It needs no introduction as it is quite popular worldwide! With more than 800 millions of customers on its board, it is one of the best platforms for sharing opinions, news, and information with others. When it comes to audience, Facebook is mammoth compared to other mediums. Also, reaching too many people across different geographical locations becomes awesomely easy on this medium.

Pintrest Customer Base


Well, it is one of the emerging social media platforms with some outstanding features. With more than 9 million customers, it is one of the best places for sharing data-driven information effectively. Promoting your products to a specific set of audiences is quite easy on this platform.

Infographics Edge:


It is horizontal- and square image-friendly. In sense, if you plan to post an image vertically, the entire image looks completely crappy. So, if vertical images play a crucial role in your business, then obviously Facebook is not what you are looking for!

Facebook Vs Pintrest Infograph


On the other hand, posting the infographic images vertically is quite possible in Pinterest. In fact, the image posted on Pinterest would be clean and commanding. Well, pinning your entire business website is never a problem using Pinterest and it is proved that infographic images improve the business promotions by more than 13%. So, if representing your entire website in the form images is your motto, then Pinterest is the way to go!

Image Sharing Ability:


It offers a great deal of aid in sharing power images which could really boost your online business effectively. In fact, if your images are of high-quality and creative, then you can share it with millions of users limitlessly. In addition, Facebook users can recommend, like the images or content to promote your brand effectively.

Pintrest Image Sharing Ability


On the contrary, Pinterest customers can share the content by re-pinning them. But, the people can’t follow the entire likes for that pin but only the re-pinning they have received. Also, the features like recommend, likes are missing in the Pinterest. This could really cause an impact on your online business.

Traffic And Sales:


Setting up a virtual online store could be a wise move for business improvement, but it is an indirect route for driving traffic to the business website. It is almost like introducing your products and services to people and tempting them to visit your stores. It is a long and time-consuming process as people have to get used to your products, via likes and shares, before buying them.

Pintrest Vs Facebook Graph


However, Pinterest drives traffic directly to your website. Every re-pin of your website would increase the probability of increased sales. It has been proved that businesses that use Pinterest for promoting products experience improved sales of 5-fold effortlessly. So, Pinterest is the best choice when it comes to direct promotion of business websites and products.

Visual Information Response:


It comes up with text and images discretely which in turn allows the users to comment or rate the visual image as well as the content individually. If the image is better and content is worse, you can easily comment on Facebook.

Pintrest Video Graph


However, on Pinterest, the entire website comes up in a visual format which offers no choice to the users to comment on the images or the content individually. But, if the image is poor and content is good you can’t comment on Pinterest.

Product Videos Performance:


Allows to integrate product videos to it and you can navigate the entire business page while watching the product video effortlessly. You don’t have to close the video to navigate the business page information. However, you can’t click the product video more than once as it may redirect you to the YouTube directly. No users really like it!


Even it allows to integrate videos to it. But, you are not allowed to navigate the business page or any other information related to product while the video is played as the video pops open. When you click product video on Pinterest second time, it pauses and plays without hindering the user-experience.


If you have observed the above discussion keenly, you would have noticed that both the platforms are equally credible and trustworthy. Both have both advantages and disadvantages. It depends on the businesses to decide upon which one best suit their requirements. So, pick the right platform based on the type of business you do and your promotional prospects. I hope everyone enjoyed this article.

About the Author:
This article is written by Krish Kash, and he is a Marketing Manager and technology blogger specializing in Pinterest Software and mobile app development.

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