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Originality And Reality Is Everything In Animation

The society that we live in today thrives on innovation, transformation and evolution. Originality is the lifeblood of compelling, challenging media. This applies to all forms of media, in some sense or another. But it becomes twice as important when it comes to animation. Animation as a medium has always been at the forefront of technology. What adds to its glorious appeal is the abilities of animators to push envelopes both technologically and creatively.

Fantasy Meets Reality:

British science fiction writer and dreamer of incredible dreamers, Arthur C. Clarke, once said that, “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” While we agree with the premise of this, but magic doesn’t always mean shocking the viewer. Magic inspires awe. It transports the viewer. In the technological sense, animation can be magical, but it is only true to the spirit of Clarke’s quote when technological prowess and originality come together in a fusion of science and art.

Animation is a broad term and consists of different fields which all contribute to the advancements in this art form. But as we’re witnessing an exponential growth in computing technology, there’s also a growth in the number of animators who rely on computing technology to wow their viewer without feeling the need to be creative.


Originality Has No Substitute:

The job of an animator comes with many challenges and obstacles. Budgets, materials, equipment, etc. And when all of these factors fall in line, then life becomes much easier. When even they don’t, there are often fixes to fall back on – a team that excels in solving creative problems.

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But there‘s one element that’s absolutely indispensable: originality. Without an original idea, one is not ‘creating’ anything. They maybe copying, deriving and even crafting, but not creating. There’s not a speck of doubt that originality is the heart and soul of animation and this is something not a single individual who deals in animation should forget. Technical effects can become shockingly realistic, or no matter how much money can be thrown in a project or how polished the marketing, originality will still remain the key to creation.

Animation requires the team to create a believable world – one the audience can identify with. A world that’s free from all the cliches. The sentiment, “I’ve seen this before” in the audience can be destructive to a piece’s effectiveness.

On the other hand a stand out creation never fails to come into people’s notice and naturally become more interested in the point that’s you’re trying to get across. Originality always generates excitement and gets people talking about it. As animators you would always want your work to be watched and enjoyed and for that you have to entice audience with an original story or style!

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