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How To Resolve Some WordPress Problems Developers Are Facing In 2022?

WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems or CMS that most businesses use to set up their website and run their businesses. One reason most people choose WordPress is that you can easily install the system, and build your site even without the help of a professional developer. However, there are times when things become complicated and technical that you need to bring in someone who knows what should be done.

These WordPress issues often require the help of developers who know what to do. In fact, these issues are common that developers encounter currently and they have to tackle them to help users enjoy the site smoothly and safely.

Issues That WordPress Developers Encounter In 2022:

Increase Surge Of Online Attacks:

Since WordPress is a popular system, and they have more users than most platforms, threats are increasing in number. Every day the number of threats increases and it makes it even more challenging on the part of developers.

Even though WordPress is considered a safe system and platform, it does come with some breaches and even issues. Besides, cybercriminals are becoming even more advanced in their attacks that even the most sophisticated protection has its limit.

Aside from being a popular platform, some reasons why it becomes a target are due to malicious backdoor (outdated system and plugins), drive-by downloads, stolen or lost passwords, malicious redirects, and pharma hacks.

To avoid attacks from threats and hackers, here are ways you can keep your website safe.

  • Be careful with the plugins and themes from third-party sites. Some may be legitimate, but some are malicious software.
  • Login credentials must frequently be updated and two-factor authentication must be activated.
  • Use an SSL certificate
  • Deny IP addresses sending spam and bad traffic
  • Add antivirus software to your device and activate a firewall system to filter and monitor suspicious activities on your site.
  • Always update your plugins, themes, and everything on your website.

No Database Connection:

For example, you want to post a blog article and suddenly the system says error and failed to connect to the database. It can be annoying but you can fix the issue yourself or ask for help from your developer.

The first thing to do is to check the wp-config.php file. Check if your username, hostname, DB name, and password are correct. If not, change them to the correct form. If there is no issue in that, continue to look for the cause of no connection.

Sometimes the error can come from the hosting provider. You can check on your DB data, maybe you have saved more than what you have. If this happens, try to contact your provider and ask for help on this issue.

Slow Website:

People generally like to visit and browse websites with pages that load quickly because it makes it easier for them to find what they need.

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Nowadays, people cannot wait for a website to load, therefore, they will go to another website. These quick-loading websites are popular with both users and search engines.

Google prioritizes websites with quicker load speeds on the search engine results page to please online users. The goal of Google and other search engines is to give users a positive experience.

A website that loads slowly may have published an overwhelming amount of content in a short period, especially if you update your WordPress site every day. Your website will ultimately become slower as more material is added. The audience you are trying to target will harshly condemn your website if it doesn’t load quickly.

A large percentage of slow websites have a low Google ranking, a high bounce rate, and fewer visitors. You don’t want this to happen to your website or you’ll be losing potential customers.

Don’t fret. It is possible to fix this issue by choosing a dedicated hosting server. It allows you to extend your bandwidth so that you can let your site load quickly on any device. You can also debug your website, remove unnecessary content, reduce the size of images, and remove outdated plugins.

Presence Of Extraneous And Unnecessary Data:

Data is essential for businesses and the longer you run your business the more data you accumulate. However, this error is not due to your business data or content on your website.

Extraneous data is caused by clogging of the database from unnecessary data from the WordPress website development. However, the issue arises as you start adding posts, comments, and other content. The system creates a metadata table beside the main database. You might have a table for comments and one for related metadata in the end.

Your database structure could go out of control as time goes on and more data is added because of the extra tables. Additionally, because of the numerous interrelationships, SQL searching the data becomes complicated.

You can use WordPress’s default features to create a more straightforward table structure. However, if there is a lot of data, the website can load slowly.

The only solution is to hire a WordPress developer who will examine your organization’s database and recommend ways you can manage and clean the system.

Using Too Much WordPress Plugins:

A plugin is a piece of software that you can add to your website to improve its functionality of it. Plenty of website owners add this tool to help them with what they need on their site.

Without changing a single line of code, these plugins enable WordPress users to add more features and capabilities to their websites. Additionally, plugins improve performance and general efficiency.

Website owners rely on plugins because they do not have an idea or knowledge regarding coding. There is nothing wrong with using them, however, excess plugins can cause your website to slow down. In addition, there is also the issue of security when it comes to using plugins once they are outdated.


Drastic WordPress Updates:

WordPress always offers updates in its system, which when applied to a current website can have an overall impact on it. It is easier for WordPress site owners to maintain the functionality of their websites by using the most recent software, themes, and plugins.

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Updates, however, matter because they keep websites safe from emerging threats. In addition, it allows the website to run smoothly for a better user experience. The drawback is that not all updates are compatible with every theme and plugin. That means the website owner needs to update them. If there are no available updates on their installed plugins and theme they have no choice but to change to match the new update of WordPress.

The solution is to check on the compatibility of WordPress updates to your website and make necessary changes for the whole site and the update will work smoothly.

If something on your website starts acting strangely following the update: You can delete the problematic plugin, theme, or program, or you can contact the WordPress developers to fix the issue.

Blank Page (Home And Other Pages):

The white screen of death error is a plain white screen with no message of error at all. When you see this, it can be confusing because no code error or message will indicate that there is something wrong.

The usual cause of this is the PHP memory limit or configuration problem on the server. If multiple of your websites hosted on the server appears with a white screen, chances are the issue is due to the hosting provider.

You can get in touch with the support service if your host is the issue. If not, try disabling the WordPress theme and plugins, then reactivate them one by one to find the error and cause of the issue.

Slow Page Loading Time:

Plugins are functioning well, and it’s not the issue why a page is loading slowly. However, having too many plugins installed to meet your demands for the function of your website can cause a page to load longer.

Try to make an inventory of your plugins and check if they still function well as they did years before. Remove duplicate plugins and use a single plugin for each function.

Another way to help improve the speed of your website is to hire a professional WordPress developer to tailor the function and design of your website accordingly. Therefore, you’ll not need any plugins to provide you with the function you need.

404 Link Or Link Points Nowhere:

Your permalink settings need updating when you can see a WordPress 404 error while accessing a post or page on your website.

Another reason for a 404 error could be that you deleted your .htaccess file by mistake or that a problem with your rewriting rules happened.

You must edit your WordPress permalink by checking the URL in which the link points are correct, and make some necessary changes if needed.

Some reasons why your permalink leads to a dead-end page or 404 can be that the post has been deleted. Or, something is wrong with the .htacess file. You can consult a WordPress developer to help modify the file.

Difficulty In Configuring Multiple Sites:

Users of WordPress Multisite can control multiple websites from a single backend. The installation and activation processes, however, are very challenging and intricate. People who are not technically savvy can’t envision running a WordPress multisite. For a novice, it might not be a good fit.

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The solution is to seek assistance for those who do not know how to navigate the multisite, whether you are a user or a developer.

Images Not Uploading:

There are times when you cannot upload your images on your library media. It is a common issue for website owners.

One reason can be due to incorrect file permission where you’ll see an error message that says, “‘Unable to create directory wp-content/uploads/2019/04. Is its parent directory writable by the server?’”

To fix the issue of images not uploading to the media folder, first, connect your site via FTP. Go to /wp-content/folder. Right-click the uploads folder and select file permissions to open the file permissions dialogue box.

Set the permission for uploads directory and subdirectories to 744. Check the box with “Recurse into subdirectories,” and select “Apply to directories only.” Click “OK.”

After this, you need to set the file permission for your files in the uploads directory again. You can do this by right-clicking the uploads directory and selecting file permissions. Change the numeric value to 644. Check the box “Recurse into subdirectories” and click “Apply to files only,” then click “OK.”

Go back to the WordPress dashboard and re-upload images.

“Are You Sure You Want To Do This” Issue:

The “are you sure you want to do this?” question is the next frequent WordPress problem. This notice will appear in the WordPress admin section.

The issue is frequently caused by a WordPress plugin or theme that improperly uses Nonce. A security key is once added to URLs while performing a WordPress admin activity. You will notice the error message shown above if a plugin or theme is abusing it.

Investigate your WordPress themes and plugins to determine which one is at fault to fix this error message.

WordPress Login Redirect Loop:

When attempting to connect to WordPress, there may be times when the login page keeps reloading and redirecting. This is frequently referred to as a WordPress login redirect loop and can be very annoying.

Clearing the cookies in your web browser is one of the simplest ways to resolve this redirection issue. This is so that WordPress can authenticate your login information using browser cookies.

Aside from keeping your browser, cache, and cookies clear, make sure to enable cookies in your browser for WordPress to authenticate the request. After which, restart the browser and refresh the login page. However, if the issue remains, you’ll need to ask a developer to check on it.


No other content management system is as flexible and user-friendly as WordPress. The platform’s core gets better and is made more reliable with each new version that is made available. It does not imply that WordPress is perfect; WordPress users and developers can have some issues. However, there are ways users can address these problems or if not, they can seek help from a professional WordPress developer.

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