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How To Open Hidden Files/Folders From Virus Infected USB?

Can be your USB pencil drive got severely afflicted by trojans? Does ones flash not really showing single little data that you’ve got stored about it? Are you worried about vital info saved on flash drive, which is hidden by harmful trojans? For each and every problem there’s a solution. This sort of condition might occur as soon as your USB pencil drive confronted with external provocations like trojans, malwares and spywares.

If you need to transfer computer data from a new USB generate to any kind of PC though the USB got no obvious files. It had been showing so it had handful of GBs connected with data inside it but most it was comprised of were handful of shortcuts. Antivirus program detected handful of viruses coming from that USB which are deleted. Furthermore My spouse and i scanned as well as cleaned the particular USB drive by using some different antivirus tools (AdwCleaner, JRT, Spybot S&D, TDSSKiller as well as more).

Your USB has been still certainly not showing any kind of data. It nevertheless displayed a concealed folder with no name. The folder got no name and it also was demonstrating zero dimension. Virus produced a folder devoid of name as well as transferred each of the USB data as folder. I had created cleaned the particular USB. Now all I had created to do would be to retrieve that will hidden data from UNIVERSAL SERIES BUS drive. This is how to undertake it.

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4.) Recover Hidden Files from Pen Drive/Flash Drive/USB Drive.
5.) File are hidden by Antivirus.

How To Open Hidden Files/Folders From Virus Infected USB?

Way 1:) Windows Explorer Way:

Step 1.) First of all , inset your infected USB.

Step 2.) Now navigate to your USB through Windows explorer.

Step 3.) Click Organize if the top menu bar then click Folder and search options as shown in the below pics.

Step 4.) Now click View tab then select Show hidden files, folders and drives and uncheck Hide protected operation systems files (recommended) and click Ok as shown in the below pics.

Step 5.) Now you will see these types of files and folders as shown in the below pics. Open the Drive Icon without Name and there you will find your all files and folders.

Way 2:) CMD Way:

Step 1.) First of all , inset your infected USB.

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Step 2.) Now open your CMD using Start –> Run –> cmd –> Ok.

Step 3.) Go to your USB drive using their letter like I: where I is our USB drive letter.

Step 4.) Now type attrib -s -h /s /d *.* and press enter as shown in the below pics.

Step 5.) Now wait for few sec and ignore any error in CMD.

Step 6.) Now open your USB drive using Windows explorer and you will ind your data in an empty named folder at the top as shown in the below pics.

How To Fix This For Next Time Use?

Step 1.) Copy all the data where you was at the last time while following upper steps.
Step 2.) Paste it in a temp folder on your desktop.
Step 3.) Format the USB and check for viruses.
Step 4.) Now Cut all the data from desktop temp folder to your USB again.
Step 5.) Voila! all is fine now.

Last Words:

After reading and using our tutorial, you just know that how easy it is but one fact is common that at the time of need, people forget the easiest thing but still remember the hard one. Anyway thanks for reading our tutorial, Just leave your impression in our comment box and also ask your quires freely…

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  1. shafa says:

    its nice info for us we and many others people are learning from your blogs. its very appreciating. we are waiting of your next booming blog

  2. andrea s says:

    I usually use two types of antivirus, such as avg and smadav (recomended for usb antivirus). and I have never encountered a problem like this. Overalls tks for your post, your post can give me an useful information

  3. jasmit says:

    hey dear Actually my pendrive got infected with prive whenever i plugin,it shows a message that you need to format and when i format donot open and shows a message that disk is write protected.Can u pls help me out?

  4. Thank you for sharing this post to us, I was also struggling if either my USB had a virus or something hidden on it, but after reading your post it save time to fix my problem

  5. yokoz says:

    i ussually use an antivirus (USB antivirus) like smadav or other. for best combination i combine smadav with avira

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