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Salvaging Ink Cartridges: How To Refill It Perfectly?

Salvaging Ink Cartridges: How To Refill It Perfectly?

Inkjet printers that use Ink cartridges took the printing market to a whole new level. Printing at home could never get so easy and affordable. To keep running the Ink cartridge business, recycling/ refilling of these cartridges was introduced by the producers of the printers.

Local stores gathered their own ink soon afterwards which made it even cheaper for the customers to get refills for the cartridges. Even though you can find easy refilling kits, the running costs of the printers can get out of hands. One of the main reasons these inkjet printers are getting obsolete in the homes and market.

Steps To Refill Ink Cartridges:

You can buy Ink refilling kit from any office supply store nearby; the kit contains ink bottles and refilling syringes. The instructions are also provided with the kit in which the cartridge type can be identified, after indentifying the type, its easy to select the right color bottle to use. It’s good to use gloves as ink stains are very hard to remove. Paper towel should be placed underneath the cartridge as well.

The next step is to locate the fill holes on the cartridge; they are on the top of the ink cartridge. After locating them use the syringe to fill ink from the ink bottles into the cartridge through the hole, penetrate the hole with a sharp pencil first so that the holes are open. Slowly add the ink from the syringe into the hole and watch out for any spilling!

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Add other colours to the cartridge in the same way and cover the holes with scotch tape afterward the process.

Salvaging Ink Cartridges: How To Refill It Perfectly?

Tips On Refilling:

After refilling the cartridges, a consumer needs to print test pages so that the ink comes into running in the cartridge. To ensure the running of the ink it may take several printouts but it’s worth it. If you fail to refill the ink and damage the cartridge, you can but used printers online in which you will usually find 1 cartridge, this printer will cost you less than the original price of new ink cartridges.

Avoid getting the ink dry and keep using it from time to time even if it’s not required. New cartridges will also ask for old cartridges to be posted for recycling.


If you see that the ink is leaking from the cartridge, never insert it into the printer as it will damage the printer head and your printer will be as useless as the cartridge, furthermore refrain from touching the metal parts of the ink cartridge, oil on the fingers can hinder the contact between the cartridge and the printing paper; disrupting printing. The ink used in these cartridges are permanent and can only be removed by special ink solvents that are hard to handle, it’s better to wear gloves to help stay away from stains.

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It’s better to recycle and reuse the ink cartridges rather than buying new ones, but the perks of the getting new ink cartridges are also there. It solely depends on the consumer how to treat the inkjet printer as there are many possibilities around the corner to prevail the use of ink cartridges.

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  1. Refilling is a great way to save money, but sometimes it’s hard to get them to work properly. I’ve figured that the biggest problem is air in the chamber, so it’s important to flush the chamber properly

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