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How To Increase Sales From The Site: We Connect SEO And Business Messengers?

It is reasonable to expect every investment you make in digital marketing to bring returns. Your website and social media platforms should, therefore, bring sales. Sometimes you appear to be extremely active on the website yet you are not making any sales. Such a business model is not sustainable.

Return on investment for digital marketing is put at a minimum of 5:1. For every dollar you invest on the website, you should get five more in return. This is just the minimum. How can you raise that ratio and set new sales records from your website? Here are excellent tricks to consider.

Understand The Buyer Persona:

Who is your target on the website and how well have you positioned the site to cater to their needs? Profile your target audience so that you can prepare content and structure the site to suit their needs. A persona will tell you whether they are male or female, their age, purchasing power, and buying habits, among other factors.

Each market segment has unique preferences. For instance, a website selling women’s products will choose feminine colours like pink and lighter shades of blue. Technicians on their part may want details, including graphic presentations of how machines work. By understanding the persona, you can tailor products to suit their preferences. Customers will only buy if they can see a solution to their problem with your product. If you do not understand them, you will fail to solve their problems.

Build A Relationship:

The nature of human beings is to trust familiar people. From a marketing perspective, people buy from familiar stores or sellers. Use your blog to build a long term relationship instead of sticking to strict sales.

Pushing visitors to your website to buy makes you appear pushy. It raises questions about the credibility of your products if you have to push people to buy with such force. The best approach is to provide informative content about the product or services you are offering. The website will not appear like a sales pitch. The psychology of this approach is that visitors will consider you a reliable expert. When it is time to buy, they will turn to your page.

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Create content that would endear the brand to visitors even when they do not have to buy. A blog with useful information is one way to build a relationship with your buyers. Listen to their questions and answer like a professional. Do not make the website solely about selling, though you must use the relationship to sell. Once they trust your opinion and knowledge, selling gets easier.


Drive Relevant Traffic:

The traffic coming to the website must be relevant to the products on offer. It is the only way web traffic translates into sales. Your goal, therefore, is to capture the right traffic. How do you get the right people to land on your website?

  • Generate specific content- the people following your blog, social media platforms, or joining your website through link-building should be interested in your kind of product. They will be directed by specific content. If they come to your website expecting a different type of content, they will not buy.
  • Choose the right keywords- keywords help your website to rank top. However, the ranking will only be valuable if the keywords match the intentions of the traffic searching on the internet. Research intensely and constantly update your keyword schedule to help you capture the right traffic.
  • Buy appropriate ads- where traffic is generated by ads, you must advertise to the right people. Search engine ads are based on keywords. You also choose other factors like gender, age, and location. The traffic will only be valuable if you match the search traffic with the profile of your target buyers.
  • Call-to-action strategically- have you convinced visitors enough before directing them to buy from your website? Do not be too early to drive a visitor to buy because he has not made a decision. At the same time, do not wait until it is too late to compel the visitor to buy. Timing will compel a visitor to make the buying decision, transforming the visitor into traffic.
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Traffic becomes a sale if it is relevant and quality. Develop an accurate profile of your target customer before creating content and advertising. Once the visitor lands, give him a reason to buy.

Provide A Seamless Experience:

Cart abandonment is a common phenomenon in eCommerce. It arises out of broken links or difficulty performing required verification procedures. Make it easy and seamless for visitors to buy on your website. You have several options that will improve the search experience for your visitors.

  • Website architecture- how easy is it to navigate your page once a visitor lands? Are the goods you are selling visible from the landing page? Make your visitor feel at home when looking around the website.
  • Ensure that the pages load faster. A buyer has a few seconds to make a decision whether to stay or leave. Every page on the website should load in less than two seconds. Talk to your host to increase the speed.
  • Provide the right information to help the visitor complete a transaction. How does a customer order a product on your website? Provide buttons for purchase visibly and conveniently on the website. A live chat or quick-response mechanism should be available in case the visitor has a question regarding your product or transaction.

Other features that compel a visitor to buy include the ability to review a product before buying. Connect with payment systems and logistics companies for delivery. Provide all the support necessary instead of referring to third parties yet you are the seller. Such support inspires confidence that whatever a person buys will be delivered.

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Explain to your visitors the action you would like them to take. When you want them to buy, click on a link, order, pay, and such other selling actions, provide clear instructions. You must identify the perfect timing to avoid rushing and losing a potential purchase in the process.

CTA is usually an affirmation of what the visitor already knows. Having read through your blog, the visitor should be convinced that it is time to order. Use the most compelling words to CTA. The visitor should not feel compelled to buy. Instead, it must feel like the best decision. The CTA should appear to provide a solution to his problems.

Be Present To Answer Questions:

Engage your potential buyers by answering their questions. A live-chat option could help. Answer questions on how to buy, deliver payment methods, return policy, and such other eCommerce related queries. This is one of the ways to build trust and maintain a buying customer base.

Use insights generated on the website to understand your customers better. The insights will tell you why some visitors are not buying, at what point they are finding it difficult, and possible solutions. Solve any issue raised on comments or reviews and the traffic to your website will translate into sales.

Timothy MillerAbout the Author:Timothy Miller is a seasoned digital marketing strategist. He has worked with top brands online, helping them to achieve their digital marketing goals. Today he shares his ideas at to help startups maximize the potential of online marketing.

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