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Smart Branding Tips To Use For Your Website Design

When it’s time to design your website, there are a lot of things that you’ll need to consider. From the level of professionalism that you’re trying to create to the successful delivery of relevant information to attract clients, you need to consider it all. When it comes to branding your website in a smart and creative way, here are some helpful tips to get the job done.

Stick To One Theme:

The best tip we can give you to start creating a great brand for your business website is to stick to one theme. It can be easy to try and craft unique themed pages for different topics. Avoid doing so. Stick with one theme and don’t change it. People will associate your website theme with your brand name. So take the proper amount of time and pick a theme that you believe properly portrays your brand.

Stick To Your Brand Colors:

One great tip that you can easily employ is to stick with your brand colors throughout your website. People make better associations with color. There’s a reason that Pepsi uses the same hues for its branding. People start to recognize the colors and immediately associate them with the brand, whether or not the brand logo is present. You can find many storybrand website examples of how color affects a person’s ability to remember the brand.


Keep Consistent Typography:

If you’re not familiar with the term typography, it’s a fancy name given to describe the appearance and style of printed matter. If your current brand logo has a typeface, as most business logos do, then you need to follow that same typography across your website. Just like color creates necessary associations with your brand, so does the typography that you use.

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Have Your Brand Logo On Every Page:

You don’t need to plaster it on every square inch of your website, but you do need to show consistency with your brand logo. It should be readily visible on every page of your website. This means in the area that loads first. You don’t want to consistently stick it at the bottom of the page where users have to scroll down to see it. You want to have it in a clearly visible spot so that users see it no matter what section or page they are visiting on your website.

Branding your website isn’t overly difficult to do when you have the right strategies on your side. The above are four great strategies that you should employ to get started. You should always view your website design as ongoing and integrate more and more branding techniques as you learn of them.

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