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The Most Superior, Affordable, Enterprise Level, Time Tracking App In The Market

Time management at the enterprise level has been beset by many challenges in the past making it a nightmare for employers to determine precisely the wages to pay for employees, whose pay is pegged by the hour. It has been a challenging task for employers to determine conclusively whether in those hours the employer was constructively engaged in activities that are productive to the enterprise.  A solution that can keep track of time effectively has been a long awaited solution for employers.

Whether at the a factory or when outsourcing knowledge based work to your work to employers half a world away, a time tracking app that can ensure that you do not  end paying for hours that were not used productively for the job, has been an enduring challenge.  Thanks to technology a range of solutions are currently coming online in the market whose primary role is to take the guesswork out of, the often manual, time logging and reconciliation process.


6 Defining Characteristics Of An Efficient And Reliable Time Management Application:

For time management application to live up to its usefulness it must produce a tamper proof online timesheet that captures clearly and unambiguously the data that it was designed to collect, which is the hours that an employee was productively, emphasis on productively, engaged in the work that they will ultimately be paid for. For such a solution to be useful and efficient in capturing employee, sign ins and signs outs it should possess the following characteristics.

  • The time tracking application should enable, you, the employer to save on labor costs i.e. paying money for wasted or altogether nonexistent time, time spent on non-core issues.
  • It should help in the cultivation of honesty among your employees and should be able to detect and discourage any dishonest behavior.
  • Excellent customer care and support, real life people who can respond to and solve all your issues in case of emergencies.
  • The interface should allow you to monitor employees who are engaged in critical jobs, through the internet, even if they are half a world away.
  • It should be effective in the sense that you should be able to reconcile data and get the needed information on employee worked hours in the shortest time possible, when preparing the payroll.
  • It should be intuitive and well designed to make it simple for anyone, including persons with little technical knowhow, to be able to use effectively. Meaning that the learning curve for new users should not be steep.
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Additionally such a solution should be able to scale well regardless of the work environment that it is being used in and whether it is in operation in a small company, a franchise, and agile mobile teams and with no regard to space and time.  Such a tool is a smart choice for any firm that needs to be sure that it is paying for real time spent on the job.

Charlie BrownAbout the Author:Charlie Brown, is a time management consultant, who specializes in helping firms whether big or small, make savings on their payroll by employing intelligent online timesheet management strategies.

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