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Do’s And Don’ts Infographic Designers Need To Follow

It is quite common for Infographic designers to commit small mistakes that could be disastrous for the designs in the end. With the right functions and tools, the designs can be quite easy for Infographic designers. The tools at hand could help you by providing you with a structured template beforehand that you can organize your infographics in. These are particularly difficult for the designers who have just started on infographics and need to grasp the methods. Therefore, it is important to remember the do’s and don’ts while designing infographics, especially for a freelance infographic designer.

Visuals Are Of The Essence:

The visuals are the most important component of an infographic design because it is the first thing noticed by people. Therefore, the text that you insert and the visuals presented by you are important. The image should be compelling and not dull and monotonous like a paper written by doctors. A freelance infographic designer should have the ability to take the text and convert the suitable words into visuals. This is for the benefit of the people who do not want to read or do not have the time to go through something.

Presentation Of The Text:

The manner in which the texts and the visuals have been presented is dependent hugely on the font that has been used for different forms of the content and the typography that has been employed to do so. Although texts are not a major component, they do add a certain enhancement to the infographics through the usage of words in a particular way. It is important to use only two, maximum of three fonts to include in the design. The best option that is available to the designer is to use only two different fonts and place emphasis on the important words by converting the font into bold.

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Providing The Framework For The Design:

The framework for the infographic designs is important as it gives a structure to the designs. A freelance infographic designer should be aware that for doing so, they have to use margins that provide a frame for the designs. It is important to leave white spaces around the designs for them to look organized and presentable. The margins and the way in which they have been spaced make the content and visuals look aesthetic or chaotic. It is important to keep the margins on all sides consistent.

The Spacing Between Texts And Visuals:

The whole and final look of an infographics design are altered by the change in the spacing between different words of the content and the visuals that it contains. The spacing of the text and visuals are important as too much spacing could destroy the cohesiveness of the design while too little spacing could make the design muddled up, leaving the viewers confused as to its composition. Therefore, the gutter space has to be decided such that the design sits somewhere in between both these scenarios.


Establishing The Theme Of The Design:

The theme of the whole design is dependent on the color palette or the color combination that you choose for your design. The main step to follow is not to choose the color before you finish your design. For a freelance infographic designer, it is vital to complete the design and then see the color combination that is suitable for it. The color combination should not be too loud or too subtle, but a blend of both of these. The important point to remember is to use the colors of the company or brand that the design is for so that the viewers can instantly recognize and identify it.

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Emphasis On The Major Components:

This is done by the colors through the creation of a kind of a pyramid meaning the content and visuals that are important are in one group and the ones which complement the major content and visuals are in another group. The elements in the first group have to be placed and designed in a way that catches the attention of the viewers. The other elements can be subtle so if the viewers want to read or see them they can, but if they don’t they can just concentrate on the important part to gain the major information.

The Fit Of The Infographic Design:

It is a major decision for the freelance infographic designer to decide the shape and size of the design to see where it can fit. The infographic design is made such that it can fit into a post like a blog post on sites and apps and these can be shared to other sites as well. However, these can be of different sizes depending on the site you are sharing it to and the content that has been included by you in the design.

The Elements To Have To Be Arranged In An Organized Way:

Each image is a visual and each word in the content serves as an important component for the design as a whole. However, these do have different roles, some bigger than the other. Therefore, the important elements need to be sized up and presented in bold for the viewers to get a better look at them while the elements that are not that important can be average-sized and subtle. It is important to maintain consistency by keeping the subheadings of the same size and color and so on.

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Use Of Photographs In The Design:

For the freelance infographic designer who requires a photo in their infographic designs, there are some things that have to be done for the design to look better. If the images enhance the design of your infographics and make them look better, go ahead and use them. However, the most important concern while using images is that they may look blurry and be noisy when they are zoomed in on by the viewers. Therefore, it is important to source images that are of high quality, preferable high definition so that these problems may not persist and spoil the whole look of the design. It is preferable to add frames to the sides of the pictures to make them look organized in between the content.

Avoid Being Stuck In Legal Lawsuits:

The company or the brand would never want to get into legal trouble and issues just for a simple infographic design. But it is possible and therefore has to be avoided at all cost so that the freelance infographic designer does not get into trouble for a minor mistake. Keep in mind that the infographic design created by you should be totally original and if you do use someone else’s content or visuals, make sure that you have the written permission of the site that you sourced it from so that there is evidence that could get you out of trouble. There are some sites that are free and therefore could be used by the designers.

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