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Logo Design Guide: 5 Tips Moving Into 2021

If you are searching for tips for reaching out to more clients, revenue, business values, and enlarge business into a brand this new year. for that, you are making marketing strategies and might be considering “recreating your logo”. Then you are in the right place, not only this article will benefit existing business but also it will work as a guide for future entrepreneurs and businessmen.

But before discussing that I would like to clear some points such as its importance and usage. The logo is the first thing people notice about any brand and business. Remember great logos require a great designing procedure. Don’t miss any single thing that steps back in generating a notable logo. The logo is a mixture of simple, unique, unforgettable, eye-appealing, and matches your brand’s purpose and nature.

There are many key points to consider in creating a logo. We are sharing the top 5 tips of logo design moving into 2021.

1.) Highlight Your Brand Values:

Your logo reflects your brand’s values, standards, beliefs, and morals – so you have to design it in a way that makes your audience in a simple glance what your brand is about! This will make them buy from you and try your services.

Your previous customers know about your products but through this strategy, you can make new potential customers and organic traffic on your site. Yes, we have read in research that circular shape logos feel sensitive and comfy whereas angular ones have a more durable nature.

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Make a list and write all the points that come to your mind about your brand’s nature, declaration, and USPs. Keep highlighting your brand’s values it allows you to understand how your design should be and it gives a sight for hiring an expert logo designer.

2.) Make It Memorable:

Once you frame what your brand is about now you need to make it memorable, there must be you’re thinking about making it memorable. I would suggest you hold things for a while and make a list of what works best for you and which changes are required in terms of making your brand more prominent and separate you from the competition.

If you don’t know what works best for your brand then you can ask your potential customers what they like about your brand and which change they want to see from you. You can design logos and marketing campaigns accordingly.

Well, you get limited responses so it’s ok because it will give a clear picture, you don’t review tons of responses to figure out what works best for your company.

3.) Identify Your Targeted Audience:

It is obvious when you first designed your business you must have an image of what your brand is about and who your audience is?  That demography helped you out how to execute your brand. Similarly, at the time of redesigning your logo first think about your audience.

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Definitely, you have added new things to your business, you have some new goals and maybe you want to address a wider audience. So keep in mind a business only need its audience’s support and whatever efforts you are putting are for their trust. You have to identify your audience before reshaping your logo design.

This is an easy process you can send them a survey questionnaire and identify how they want you to be, which services they like the most, and where you need to improve.  After this whole research, you can easily make something eye appealing that easily get their attention.


4.) Eye Appealing:

A complex logo can’t determine an effective one, the most simple and clear logo lasts forever in memories. For example, Apple, Facebook, Nike, McDonald, etc. They are simple and easily recognizable that’s what a logo does and should do, for achieving this fame you have to work a lot.

While redesigning your logo try to keep it simple and understandable also, you can consider a few points in mind too likewise color scheme, shape, typography, etc.  These things make it easier for you to pick the right design for your company.

A simple and unique logo is more useful than a complicated one. It easily can be scale, resize, and print, and also it allows a wider range of backgrounds. You can put them in your social media accounts, in your outlets, and also can use them on your products too.

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5.) Feedback:

After a process of redesigning a logo for your brand, you want to launch it; right? But earlier ask for review and feedback. You can ask your employees and other close people around you, they will share their first impression with you. It will give you an honest sight of how your logo is looking like. After getting collective positive responses, your logo is ready to be launched publically.

Once you have launched your logo, ask your customers to review it. Your brand must be ageless as much as possible because it is your identity; you can tweak it a little as per requirements but don’t change it completely. Once your logo gets that fame and recognization then don’t change your logo completely but can refresh it.


If you are planning to update your logo design in this coming 2021, follow these 5 tips to reshaping it – it is a complete guide. We tried to explain as simple as we can., actually the redesigning process is quite simple but how, when, and what to change in logo is important. I hope this will help you in designing a logo for your brand.

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Alexandra Myers is a wife, mother, and professional writer by choice. She completed her MBA in English literature from the University of Groningen. Currently, she is a permanent contributor to a GetSetGoWeb in the US. She loves pets and can’t live without her beloved cat!

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