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Top Free Websites To Generate And Upload Your Memes

Top Free Websites To Generate And Upload Your Memes

If you have found yourself sitting across your computer screen amused and laughing all the way looking through hilarious memes on social networking sites, you must realize that there is an entire community on the internet that caters specifically to audiences who would like to create, upload or simply skim through a million memes created by users from all over the globe.

If you have the penchant to create hilarious memes that you are confident will tickle people’s funny bone all over the globe and has the potential to go viral or you simply want to entertain yourself for hours together, memes are the way to go. Given below is a list of some of the best and the most popular meme generation websites which you can use to both upload and share your own creations or simply have a good time skimming through the millions already uploaded by the users.

1.) Memes.Com:

This is one of the most loved meme generator websites on the internet with one of the fastest systems to create, upload and share your very own meme. The meme generator has a plethora of templates to choose from. You can select the character you would like for your meme or upload an image from your computer.

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The advanced editing feature lets you choose the colour, fonts and many other features to generate your meme specialised to your likes. Once your meme is created, you also have the option to either let the meme be displayed publicly on their website or keep it private as per your choice. has several categories ranging from random to popular.

Top Free Websites To Generate And Upload Your Memes

2.) Quick Meme:

As the name suggests, Quick Memes helps you generate memes quite easily and also enables you to upload and share the same. The website is categorized into Featured, Random and the likes. The Featured page contains the memes that are a notch above the others and have been pretty popular.

To the right is a massive list of categories that you can choose from if you wish to take a gander at the memes belonging to a particular category.


DIYLOL, which is short for ‘do it yourself laugh out loud’ is essentially self explanatory as it enables you to create rib tickling memes and upload them on their website. Besides, you can even browse through the millions of memes that have been submitted by users and rate them based on your liking.

You can also submit your own and expect it to get rated by other users. If you love reading memes while on the go, you can even download their iPhone app which costs only $0.99.

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4.) Troll.Me: is a meme generator and hosting website that shares an immense amount of similarity to Quick Meme. This meme generation website calls for you to create your very own free account to get access to the features that has to offer.

You can even scroll through the memes that make it to the popular page or create your own. There are several tools available that help you create exciting and hilarious memes where you can choose the colour, style and graphic elements of your memes.

5.) iMeme:

Unlike other meme applications, this app has been designed specifically for Mac and Windows users. You get access to over 100 templates that you can choose from to create your unique and funny meme. You can also upload your meme to popular websites like Imgur and Reddit where your meme can also go viral. This app also lets you print your memes directly without you having to go through any hassles.

About the Author:
Alexander Zeldin, Head writer/editor at Memes. Memes lets you effortlessly share funny pictures with the world.

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