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Upcoming Top Trends In Web Design For 2020

If you design web pages, you probably already know several different optimization techniques that get good results. And no matter what .net log viewer you use, it helps to have a reliable debugging arsenal so you can quickly discover any problems in your web design. But it’s also important to stay on top of commercial trends in design and understand what users need and want. Here’s a quick list of some of the web design trends for 2020 that site owners are asking for:

More Follow And Social Buttons:

Site owners know about profits and they have learned, through long years of trial-and-error, that follow and social-share buttons get the job done. Back in the old days of the early 2000’s, many site owners weren’t sure about the clutter and confusion of buttons. They avoided them for the most part. But as the PC-using public got used to seeing social-share buttons everywhere, the dam broke and there was no turning back.

The current trend is to place buttons strategically and where they will get the best response. An old technique was to cluster them all together, under the assumption that users would decide, all at once, whether to use them or not. Long years of real-world data have shown that people respond to social and follow buttons at various times in their viewing journey.


The Return Of White Space:

This new trend is part of the huge social wave called de-cluttering. Sometimes referred to as simplification of the new minimalism, it involves the allowance for wide open, unfilled spaces on websites. Marketing gurus have leaned on this philosophy for almost a hundred years, as shown by ad copy that features nothing but a few words, a simple photo and nothing else. Some of the most successful beer and car advertisements have used this technique to great advantage.

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Mobile-Friendly Is In:

There’s no question that this trend is here to stay. The mobile device population explosion is in full swing. Site owners who want to remain relevant must-have design that allows for easy viewing on every imaginable type of electronic device, including micro-sized ones like watch faces.

Bye Bye 404’s:

After several large studies discovered that users and prospective customers say goodbye as soon as they spot a 404-error message, site owners went on the warpath to stop the carnage. For retail sellers, especially, 404 means lost revenue and the possible loss of a long-term customer. Web designers already know this, but it’s worth repeating because now everyone is on to the poisoning power of 404.

Re-Emphasis Of SEO:

Good old SEO. It never really went away, but now it’s making a re-re-resurgence as all the search engines favor well-written content that includes integral keywords. But the new SEO is slightly different from the old. Spacing matters much more than ever. The algorithms are smarter than they once were and can spot a keyword-packed piece of content a mile away. High-quality content also gets moved up in search engine results, so keywords need to be worked into the context of a piece rather than just tossed into the middle of a random sentence about koala bears.

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