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Some Hot Innovative Ways To Bring Traffic To Your Blog

Blogging is fun if you are doing it right. It can also be a frustrating affair if you are publishing posts every waking day without earning any traffic. Well, if you already have a blog running, you appreciate the power blogs have today.  Your website might be up and running but the blog is the one that can draw traffic to your page.

Creativity If The Maxim:

With over 2.9 billion people on the internet, there is no better platform to make yourself visible. Your blog gives you an international reach especially if you are doing it for business. If you are blogging for fun, you still need traffic to your page in order to share ideas you have.

Here are some tips on how to become a guru in blogging:

  • Turn your blog into a YouTube Video: It is the second most visited page on the internet and for a good reason. Your target customers are looking for information in visual form and you can simply record yourself talking about content in one of your posts. Once you are through, make sure you have a link to your page on the screen.
  • Share on social media and have fun: You have a Twitter account or a Facebook page and this is where you start sharing. There are many other social platforms including Pinterest, Tumblr and many more, which receive millions of visitors daily. When you comment on these platforms and include a link to the post, you have a guarantee people will come calling.
  • Involve readers: Internet users are active when it comes to commenting on content. You should ask for ideas after writing a post and invite readers to make their thoughts known. Once they read they will most likely give their side of the story and more will comment.
  • Leverage on info graphics: Info graphics are becoming the best way of sharing knowledge by integrating words and visuals. If you do not have web designing skills, there are many experts and tutorials on starting a blog and make it popular through info graphics. They are easy to read and digest.
  • Power of interactions: Blogging is not a one-sided show. As such, you need to be visible on other blogs in your niche. More importantly, you need to follow up on your post as well as contribute to comments from readers.
  • Link web profiles to your blog: As a blogger, you are consistently online. If you have profiles on Linkedin, YouTube, SlideShare, Prezi or any other platforms, make sure you connect them to your blogs by including your blog link.
  • Enable subscriptions: Return traffic on your blog is critical. If someone visits, try to entice him to sign up via feed, email or both. This means visitors will keep updated on what you are doing thus increasing probability of their return.
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Truth be told, you have to be creative when it comes to increasing traffic. You must keep yourself updated on any new tools that can increase visibility in order to draw more people to your page. Let your creative juices flow and watch as your blog becomes an authority.

Charlie BrownAbout the Author:Charlie Brown is a digital marketing advocate who has worked in the IT industry for 14 years. He is a freelance writer, digital marketing consultant and an authority on the process of starting a blog. When relaxing you will find him on the golf course but do not expect to hear him in the PGA Tour any time soon.

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