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Busy In Business And Still Single? Checkout First-Date Ideas

The first date, without doubts, is one of the most anxiety-provoking occasions. You should deal with so many first-raw problems! Of course, you might just end up letting everything go its own way, but how will you ensure your date’s success? Overthinking will kill the vibes; therefore, we recommend planning everything beforehand. You don’t have to think about every step. Focus on the entire concept and the impression you would like to make. And while making an impression is solely your assignment, we can help you with the scenario. Here are five first-date ideas kindly provided by our comrades from Russian Singles dating service.

1.) Rooftop Date:

Here’s a plot: You ask your girlfriend out and arrange a meeting somewhere near an enormous skyscraper; you don’t tell her where you are actually going and what you are going to do, which sends sweet chills down her spine; you get to the rooftop floor and watch the sun going down, hiding its beams away from city’s sight. Beautiful, isn’t it? All you need to is to make sure you have a free access to the roof and pack some goodies like wine and cheese to perfect your time together.

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2.) Parks And Bicycles:

In the modern world, where people diligently praise everything natural and ecologic, bicycles experience the renaissance of their popularity. And while you can appreciate or reject this concept, the collaboration of parks and bikes works ideally for the first date. It’s both engaging and romantic. Likewise, you don’t have to deal with awkward sitting in front of each other and desperately seeking a topic to discuss.


3.) Coffee Strolls:

You see, we are trying our best to avoid restaurants and cafeterias. It’s too outdated and trivial! Nonetheless, the idea to grab some lattes and walk around the city is not fresh either; it’s yet another safe zone – when you walk casually while drinking coffee, everything seems much simpler and more engaging. Simplicity and elegance at its best!

4.) Anti-Cinema:

Yeah-yeah, we know – you are 100% sick of everything with the “anti” prefix. Hipsters have ruined the modern culture. However, they also brought along some good points. The concept of the anti-cinema is just what you need for the first date. A standard movie theater gives you no opportunity to communicate properly – you just sit and stare at the screen. An anti-cinema allows you to rent a separate room with the screen, video game consoles, and other entertaining stuff. Not too crowded and not too intimate – just fine for the first date.

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5.) Wine Tasting:

This one is a bit tricky but, if you take a risk, you can achieve instant dating success. Make sure your potential girlfriend doesn’t mind tasting some good wines with you (do it beforehand, it is not the best time for surprises). The warm atmosphere of such event can create perfect condition for your relationship development. Likewise, it will ease your somewhat nervy communication. In the end, small doses of alcohol are even healthy for you and her. Have fun!

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  1. Akash says:

    Great article, very informative.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Awesome ideas however these can’t be effective until a person keeps his mind relaxed from business worries.

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