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How To Find Your Profile’s Latest Visitors In Facebook?

As you know that there are many Apps to do this but you know better then allowing any local apps is same as putting your account in danger. So we suggest you not o use and lical and not popular apps that can cause your account banned or can hack it.

So now what to do if you want to see that who viewed your Facebook profile? For this here we have a simple trick without allowing any apps. We just go through the Facebook coding and that can tell you who visit your profile in latest visitors.

Now here we found who recently visited your profile. You don’t have to use any third party codes or too. Just follow below steps for get to know your FB recent visitors.

How To Find Your Profile Latest Visitors In Facebook?

Step 1) Go to your Facebook Profile Page(Timeline not Home) after Login.
Step 2) Now Press Ctrl + U from your keyboard for view source code of your profile page.
Step 3) Now press Ctrl + F from your keyboard to open search box.
Step 4) Now search this code {“list”:
Step 5) You find some Facebook Profile Ids in front of upper codes are like shown below screenshoot.

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Find Latest Facebook Profile Visitor

Step 6) These are some Facebook Profile Ids of your friends or else who visited recently.
Step 7) The first one ID are latest visitor and same as descending.
Step 8) Now if your want to findout, first copy the Facebook ID from upper step.
Step 9:) ID will be like XXXXXXXXXXXXX-X and you have to copy only XXXXXXXXXXXXX.
Step 10:) Now open a new tab and Enter below link to see who the latest visitor was…
For Example :

Last Words:

This is what we have we shared. There are many other tricks that we shared early in this blog and many are coming soon so explorer our blog and stay with us. If you liked this trick then share it with your friends and leave your comment. Stay with us to get more like this.

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