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How Big Data Is Empowering AI And Machine Learning?

Big data is getting a new type of maturity, being a boost power to artificial intelligence. In fact, AI is data-driven. Without a right piece of data set, no algorithm can show intelligence that the business world is looking for.

Big data is likely to make bigger business impact and industry disruption in the next 10 years. As big data is becoming really big, organizations are now focusing on blending the vast potential of big data with artificial intelligence to amplify the delivery of business value. On the other hand, since big data and AI are correlated technologies, every big data company in USA would like to build data solutions that make use of AI to make a greater impact on customers’ businesses.

The Blend Of Big Data And AI:

Big data and AI together are changing the way how businesses collect data and use it to engage customers and improve productivity at various levels. The integral part of big data, Analytics, is enabling businesses to feed a right piece of data to machine learning algorithms. So they can provide results that are accurate enough.

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On the other hand, AI has been in existence for several years. But it gained attention and evolved to deliver practically beneficial results only after the tech giants like Google and Apple brought out many real-life products like Google Personal Assistant, and Siri respectively. And even Facebook also has a significant impact here, in the form of facial recognition technology, which is used to tag people on posts and Facebook M, an AI technology that stays at the lower left corner of Messenger app in the form of “M” symbol, which offers suggestions in your conversations similar to Google Assistant.

Before And Today:

Before statisticians and data scientists used to work with only “sample” sets of data. In fact they were limited with that. But big data brought a big change to that, allowing data scientists to access and work with a huge number of data sets without any limitation. Data scientists are no longer required to rely on representative data samples. They now have access to real data, with granularity, nuance, and detail. This is why many organizations today looking at “data first” approach over hypothesis-based approach.

Organizations today can just load all their data and allow the data to talk to the customers, employees, and stakeholders. Big data system itself would have the ability to prioritize indicative and predictive data and it can be analyzed using “analytical sandboxes” or big data “centers of excellence, which leverages the flexibility and agility of data management approaches largely.

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Big data creates an environment that enables data discovery through iteration. This helps businesses go faster, experiment thoughtfully, and learn quickly. This advantage is also significantly helping AI development companies USA, UK and across the world.

Big Data And AI At Metlife:

Pete Johnson, the head of big data and AI initiatives at Metlife, observes three important ways in which big data is now empowering AI.

Fine Quality Data At A Scale:

As I mentioned above, big data and analytics together today process huge quantities of quality data.

Availability Of Diverse Data Sets:

Transcription, ICR, voice and image files, logistics data, and weather data are now easy to collect and get access to. Even old “paper sourced” data can also be got online today.

Advancement In Machine Learning Algorithms:

By getting advanced, recurrent neural networks and deep learning now help build better ML algorithms that enable real intelligence.

Johnson says “ We have now possibility to leverage all sorts of opportunities that data created across industries. With the combined form of big data, AI, and machine learning, we are now able to build better solutions for a number of classic problems.”

The impact of big data is going beyond simple data and analytics. Since AI, machine learning and other trending technologies are heavily data-driven, big data is becoming a big boost to building really intelligent solutions that are contextually aware and personalized.

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The Bottom Line:

Big data is now at the forefront of trending technologies, along with AI and ML. In fact, building solutions on these technologies has been a requisite for businesses to stay ahead of the competition. In case if you are at the same point, choose the best machine learning company USA or AI services company or big data services company in your preferred region to get expert guidance and solutions.

NamrathaAbout the Author:Namratha is a Technical content writer at USM Business Systems – USM is a certified Minority Business Enterprise and global IT services and staffing company in USA. USM is a machine learning company USA and USM provide services on Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Industrial Automation and Big Data Analytics.

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