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5 Best WordPress Themes For A Student In 2021

Students are getting more involved in starting up businesses for themselves. Many of these students have the goal to raise funds needed for their education. However, these businesses also grow into big companies and carve a career path for the student to follow post-graduation.

One way that allows student entrepreneurs to learn new skills and develop networks to help them make more money. However, for a website to attract many visitors, it needs to have a suitable theme, design, and colour. A blog, website, or e-commerce store with these features will be able to create a longer-lasting impression on the visitors. This will allow them to spend more time browsing through your site. The more time your visitor spends on your site, the higher the likelihood of them paying for your service or products.

As a student entrepreneur, you need to find the best WordPress theme for your website. This article discusses 5 of the best pieces that you can use.

1.) X-Theme:

This is a very popular theme ideal for student entrepreneurs. The compelling features of this team make it one of the bestsellers. This theme has different designs and layouts and is very easy to use on all kinds of websites.

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Another reason why this theme is suitable for student entrepreneurs, especially those into eCommerce, is because of its compatibility with WooCommerce. This allows the entrepreneurs to sort out their postings and also create categories.

If you’re looking to create an informative website or blog that engages the visitors, this theme is ideal. It has plugins that make communication with others more effortless, and your brand gets more visibility with more user engagement.

2.) Divi:

Divi was designed to be attractive, sleek, and very fast for website visitors. They don’t have to load anything or refresh a page, making it a very fast theme.

Time is essential for students as they try to balance their entrepreneurial works and school activities. This is something that the developers of this theme understand.

According to college paper reviews, the front-end editor is intuitive, so it’s easy for you to change certain things on your website, leading to spontaneous updates. It also has customizable elements that are easily adjustable such as colours, fonts, sizes, and spaces.

Divi is trustworthy and is securely certified by SuCuri.


3.) SociallyViral:

This WordPress theme is very engaging and is built for speed and managing increased traffic. The feature to share on social media makes it an excellent option for a student entrepreneur.

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This gets traffic from different social media platforms and so helps improve Google’s ranking for the websites. This theme is ideal for student entrepreneurs looking to attract visitors to their businesses.

SociallyViral theme also supports WooCommerce, which is essential for student entrepreneurs. It is also created with the drag & drop feature so you can quickly develop your website layout. This feature has no limitations, so you are able to make your website in a way that pleases you.

4.) Athena:

This professional theme focuses on helping a business to create a website capable of attracting visitors. It is user-friendly, customizable, and fully responsive.

This is an ideal theme for a student entrepreneur with a creative business idea that only needs some guidance to attract more visitors to their site. The front-page Jumbotron is created mainly for marketing purposes, and this feature is essential for attracting website visitors.

This theme is WooCommerce compatible, so it is easy to create an e-commerce store for any sector or industry. It can be linked to different social media pages so that it’s easier to engage and win over more customers.

5.) ReHub:

This is a well-known WordPress theme suited for startups across different sectors. The flexibility and great solutions which it offers make it ideal for helping entrepreneurs build their dream businesses.

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Many student entrepreneurs are using this theme already, and the reason is apparent. Flexibility is a crucial factor, and this theme makes it easy for you to build your website the way you want it. It also has good use in affiliate marketing, and some of the features such as shop options, directory site, and blog review help them reach their goals.

The focus of this theme is created to meet students’ needs. The customization options also help to make the site attractive to visitors. The more visitors you get, the higher your chances of converting them.


Although there are numerous themes for WordPress users, only a few of them are ideal for student entrepreneurs. The themes discussed in this article are the best WordPress themes for student entrepreneurs to use to set them on the path to success in their business.

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