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6 Critical SEO Tips For Bloggers To Work With Today’s Google

We all know that Google is constantly changing its algorithms and that too very quickly. If not everybody then at least SEO executives must be aware of all the algorithm changes that Google has given to them and the effects they have faced. But in this post we are going to discuss with you some very effective SEO secrets that will help you to move along with the new Google and saving your websites from another Panda hit.

1.) Social Media Marketing Is A New Source For Gaining Back Links:

You must be aware about the thing that earlier the website was considered as a reputed one if it is having a maximum number of backlinks. But instead of moving in the right direction people always have something wrong to lead the race. Businessmen started buying links for making their website more popular on the search engines and to grab maximum number of clients.

But now there is a new way of forming backlinks for your website where chances of fraud are very less. The new way includes Facebook and other social media websites like Twitter, etc. When you have zero shares and zero likes, it means that your website is of lower value but more the number of likes and shares more is your popularity. This is how social media is helping people in gaining business.

What all you can do is:

  • Make your own social media profiles
  • Post regularly on your blogs and share them as much as you can
  • Tweet the stuff written by other bloggers
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2.) Some Backlinks Are Still Valuable:

This is just to tell you that there still exists some websites that are very small and are running successfully on the basis of their strong and quality back links. This means that back links are still in picture but you need to perform effective and strong back linking that should ensure Google that yes you are doing everything in right manner.

What did Panda teach us then?

Panda said that do not buy back links. If you are capable enough and you think that your website is good one to form back links with good websites, you are pure in the eyes of Google then. Don’t buy them or make back links in a wrong way for making your website popular.

When you create back links do make sure that you are making back links with good quality websites and blogs only. The only best way to do this is to create some useful resources, tools and content that people will link to. I know this is boring but you have no other option left.

3.) Your Bounce Rate Is Your Biggest Indicator:

Bounce rate is the number of people who visited your website and bounce back just because they could not find anything relevant. You have to make efforts for reducing your bounce rate.

If you see that you have a lot of traffic coming from Google search this means you will be having a high bounce rate the reason being people who are searching on Google are looking for their specific results. When they reach to your website and they could not find what they are looking for they leave your website. It is better that you target your website on some particular keyword.

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If you can get your bounce rate lower than 50% it is very good. Anything going below 50% is a good result for your website.

For this you can do following things:

  • Design your website beautifully
  • Post something interesting
  • Make tweets
  • Recommend some popular posts on your website

When you can give your visitors the point they actually looking for you will be successful in reducing the bouncing rate of your website.


4.) Rebuild The Duplicate Content On Your Website:

When you know that you have not updated the content on your website since long then it would be better that you give it a thought. In fact don’t just give it a thought but start updating the content on that very day. Because if you are providing your visitors with the same old content it would make them feel bored and will make them feel as if you are not doing anything with your website.

The little secret behind changing the content of your website is that Google will index your website faster as compared to when you are not posting anything on your website for long.

5.) Returning Readers Indicate Safety:

Just like bounce rate, returning readers will also give you an indication that your website is safe. This is also becoming one of the best ways for judging your website’s performances. This is similar to Google seeing some indications of your website and making it safe and a useful place for your clients.

If you really want that your visitor should come back to your website then you need to:

  • Give your readers with amazing content
  • Interact with people on the internet e.g. blogs, forums etc
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Now you must have understood the trend and must have come to know what all you can do with your website in order to make your website running and successful.

6.) Build A Multimedia Brand For Your Business:

One thing that you need to focus now for your business is paying attention towards the multimedia and mobile content of your website. You need to get designed an application for your business that will provide your users with regular updates that you have been introducing into your business. Market your application and create social awareness about it. Make videos and introduce yourself. The only meaning of this point is making your business available on smart phones because the world speaks the language of smart phones now.

So, here are the top 6 secrets that will help you as a blogger and an SEO executive in taking your website on the top rankings and cooperating with the daily changing algorithms of Google. Follow these points and be a star.

Anna BrownAbout the Author:Anna Brown is working as an SEO lead with a reliable and renowned SEO Services providing firm in India. She has been working with this organization from the past one and a half year and has given tremendous achievements to the company in order to maintain their clients. She can bring your SEO rankings on top within 3 months the only thing is follow the way she want you to. After this she is also good at writing blogs and articles and maintains official blogs of the company.

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