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12 Ways Mobile Apps Boosted The Modern Technological Business

The top mobile apps nowadays are giving technology companies and the society an extraordinary efficiency, comfort and the facility to provide a topnotch customer experience.

A lot of mobile apps have been deployed by the companies in the past years which show us that certain apps are significant above many other apps in terms of their usability and their ability to make a difference in the business and also benefit the society. We know that a variety of mobile apps have worked remarkably well and are providing us with some outstanding contribution. Let us discuss some of the best breakthrough that the mobile apps have brought for the modern business and society.

1.) Voice Command Operations:

  • Workers at Ware house are now equipped with new mobile apps which enable them to have a set of telephone head set with portable mobile devices onto their belts.
  • With this they can use voice commands to report or order whenever it is required.
  • These voice based commands are digitized into a data that will directly flow into the warehouse management systems.
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2.) We Always Know The Location:

  • Paper maps are very discomforting to use when we have to find a certain exact location but now the only thing we need is the address or the name of the location.
  • We can look up to the map any time online or even find the location of friends or give our location to them and choose the most reasonable of them.

3.) Inexpensive Marketing:

  • In the recent times companies have been developing application which is built for a targeted audience with the sponsorship of their corporate funders.
  • These applications have always been proving more effective for business and even cost effective in case of marketing.

4.) Develop Customer Relationship:

  • Companies and business enterprises can now directly and easily interact with their customers while adding more value to every step of their way.
  • Sales catalogues for product viewing or ordering can also be an influence for more interactive customer experience.

5.) Extensive Planning Using Tablets:

  • Retirement planning, applying for insurance or portfolio allocation can be a very complicated task and also confusing because of which we have now the best apps to the rescue.
  • Now a financial planner can interact, discuss and work through all the scenarios and portfolio management with the help of a smartphone or a tablet.


6.) GPS Route Tracking:

  • Many logistics companies use mobile devices and sensors to track down the routes and locations of their vehicles or shipping.
  • This technology enables them to reroute their vehicle in an emergency situations and also to optimize the routes for a better delivery results.
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7.) Partnership Of The Projects Through Collaboration:

  • A lot of companies are now working on a global market with the employees collaborating and maintaining partnership with them on many projects located in different geographical areas.
  • Some of these employees are field based. Mobile technologies are enabling the employees to collaborate on their projects in real time and keeping the projects working “right” the first time.

8.) Immediate Messaging And Finding Solutions Through Experts:

  • In many of the companies that are global or distributed across a huge area of locations the mobile technologies are now enabling instant messaging and “solutions from experts” through the access to employee expertise databases.
  • As a result of this the employees can now solve different types of difficult problems in a faster way.

9.) Training And Developing:

  • In this generation of the talent management the latest software enables the employees to receive useful and effective company training videos even on their mobile devices on the field.
  • The sharing of the talent and training through mobile have been a breakthrough for the field technicians who must keep in pace with the new features and the functions of the products which they are responsible for servicing.

10.) Timely Alerts And Updates:

  • The modern Airlines and the tram the tram systems now issue an auto alerts and updates to the passengers onto their mobiles to let them know if the flight routes are on time or even to suggest an alternative if there exist an unexpected problem.
  • These mobile apps have improved a customer satisfaction.
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11.) Contextual GPS Information:

  • The GPS system has moved forward to a next level with the appropriate and contextual information for users like finding the nearest restaurant in your location and also providing the reviews, photos and even directions towards the restaurant.
  • Many companies and industries are now adding contextual information to the GPS through downloadable mobile apps and therefore the field of GPS contexts will continue to expand for the clients.

12.) The Effective Claim Adjuster:

  • The claim adjuster from your insurance company will inspect your vehicle and input the claim form from his or her mobile device and give you an immediate answer on the amount of claim that will be covered considering your options and opinions.
Siddharth PanchalAbout the Author:Siddharth Panchal is associated with an Information Technology field at SellMySourceCode which provides the best and the latest games and apps source codes. His experience includes being a software developer, MobileApp/web developer. He is a decent Entrepreneur , also interested in reading & writing about technology as well as other informative stuffs.

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