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Reasons Why An Animation Video Company Is Great For Marketing

To achieve pioneering success in online marketing business today having a video on your landing page has become essential. To provoke an emotional response from your viewers, you have to make sure your explainer video is crisp, entertaining as well as informative and establishing a unique personality for your company. Now, with so much to score who do you think helps you in your mission? A great Animation video company! Yes, only a good studio can explain your story, concept or idea creating a milieu that perfectly resonates with your audience.

Can’t I do All That Myself?

Well, if you take the project of online marketing at hand, it might take you a really long time to explain separately what your product is and how it works and how it benefits its target audience. Not, to forget it may even take ages to reach that audience and finally when you’re done only to find that they still don’t get it! So, wouldn’t it be much better if a trustworthy animation studio did it for you?

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Why An Explainer Video Production Company?

Because marketing as a process has advanced many levels from the past days. The competition in online marketing which is a limited avenue, if we look at the bigger picture is steep and has kept businesses of all kinds on their toes. Marketers have to ensure that the products, services they offer arrest and maintain attention in the search engines. And basically, an explainer video company takes care of all these aspects while creating videos for you!

Now The Question Is How?

A quick look at the advantages of hiring a professional company:


1.) Ensure A High Conversion Rate:

Recent surveys reveal that potential consumers are 85% likely to buy a product that accompanies itself with a video. These videos also keep track of the number of visitors viewing it. By doing so, an animated video company actually helps marketing managers plan the production of the products, making their jobs a lot easier.

2.) Create Your Persona:

The first step towards building a brand name knowing your target audience (what they like to see, hear, consume, their problems). With this valuable you go on to create an animated character to represent an average member from the audience. This immediately triggers an instant identification and trust within them. Video companies design these marketing tools to influence the decision-making power of potential customers.

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3.) Rise In Web Traffic:

The “numero uno” rule in marketing is simple. The more your product is seen, the more it’s likely to sell. So, when a 2 minutes explainer video sums up your product and pops up every time a viewer clicks on your website, chances of increase in sales also increases. All, thanks to the studios that create videos for businesses to survive in a dynamic and competitive world.

4.) Easy Shareability:

When an 2d animation studio or any other studio creates a video, it is not just limited to a company’s website. They are diversified and shared on other social media sharing platforms like Vimeo and Youtube. By sharing links of these videos with appropriate keywords, some of the challenges facing globalization get solved to a great extent.

So, if you want you want your product/service or brand to be authentic, unique and a stand-out in a competitive marketing world, we see no reason why you should not approach an ace animation video production company today!

Dharmendra AhujaAbout the Author:Authored by Dharmendra Ahuja – PitchWorx, an animation video company create animated short animation, explainer videos for startups, character animation, custom infographic design for digital marketing campaign and for your next big business presentation.

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  1. I agree with the reasons explained in the article.

    A well done video now has a giant conversion compared to other forms of conversion.

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