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Animation Only About Having The Right Skills Or Other Ingredients Too?

For being an expert at animation the foremost thing is you should know how to have fun! Trust me when I say this, because doing animation is no less than doing a magic trick. Like any job in the world requires hard work being an animator; or for that matter an expert one hard work definitely pays off. But today let’s talk about some other factors that play a key role in becoming a successful one.

For a creative soul, inspiration needs to flow in abundance! So here are some useful factors that help you stay inspired in the road to animation success.

Stay Motivated:

No matter how experienced or accomplished you are as an animator, you need something that keeps you going. A little motivation if you will! Difficult situations may arise, and motivation is the only key that pushes you forward. This field of art can be highly overwhelming and competitive. New artists, new soft wares and whole lot of things to keep up with. The initial lap is the always the toughest be it anywhere. Even if your motivation level deplete at any point, always remember every Animator goes through this. It’s all a part of the learning process.

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The only solution is to keep going and trying to become better. YOU are your only competition!

Understanding The Concepts Of Maya:

A comprehensive understanding of Autodesk’s Maya is essential to pursue animation, specifically, 3D animation. If you’re new to this world then introduce yourself to Maya basics at the earliest. Different studios use different soft wares, and animation not being software-specific an understanding of the fundamental principles is absolutely essential.


Never lose Patience:

Animation involves patience. Those aspiring to be animators should understand fully that animation are a hard task. Whether working as a freelancer or for a studio, your career goes through an extensive learning curve. Instances of anger, frustrations, impatience and of course not to mention embarrassment on several occasions is all part of being a skilled animator. You should never walk away from patience in the journey towards your goal. Simply take it one step at a time and every concept and idea will make perfect sense.

Time Is The Hero:

Hard work is a two way street, and you get what you put in! And time is exactly what you have to put in. A whole lot of time goes into going to the next higher level as an animator. There’s no fixed amount of hours to put in a day, week, or month! It’s a complex task and requires a lot of time to master. What you can do is you can put to pen an actual schedule determining how much time you can dedicate to practicing animation and trying to better oneself every day.

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“Animators Survival Kit” By Richard Williams:

Wouldn’t be wrong to name it The Bible of animation. Don’t have one already? Get one now! It’s a complete guidebook to everything you should know about animation. All the methods, principles, formulas for various areas of animation and not just traditional name it, the book is widely popular and used by animation students worldwide.

Lastly, having the right attitude is more than important than all the talent in the world. Believe you can improve and finally become what you wish to be!

Dharmendra AhujaAbout the Author:Dharmendra Ahuja is the author of “Animation only about having the Right Skills or are there other Ingredients Too?”, PitchWorx – providing custom corporate presentation design, explainer videos for startups and infographic design for digital marketing campaign and for your next big business presentation.

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2 Responses to “Animation Only About Having The Right Skills Or Other Ingredients Too?”

  1. Hi Dharmendra, this is very interesting and helpful too. I guess that lots of new bloggers will take help from this article and surely they will implement animation techniques while blogging or while creating visual contents.

    These are helpful tips and I learnt few new things.

    Mohinder Paul Verma
    BloggingFunda – A Community of Bloggers

  2. Hey Mohinder. Nice to see your interest in animation. We are glad that you liked our article. Hope we will keep in touch and tune in for more useful posts in the future.

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