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The Relation Between Corporate Explainer Videos And “More” Sales!

In today’s competitive world, where companies look to establish dominance; sales play a major role. The more you sell, the more you’ll be in the competition. Darwinian theory, thus holds to be true! While companies give it their all to boost sales using marketing strategies; there is no “perfect” strategy that assures a sure shot buoyancy in the amount of sales. The safest and most tested bet therefore is a corporate explainer video that speaks for your company and its offerings.

An explainer video that is well curated and placed, will garner more hits from your target audience. It is one way of ensuring that your brand gets audience recognition. Here’s how an explainer video helps add more to your sales funnel!

1.) Audience engagement:

You won’t find any takers for your products, lest you engage them. A corporate explainer video is one way of ensuring that your brand and your products/services get due attention from the ones you’re trying to sell to! At the end of it all you’re trying to deliver a good experience to your customers. What better way to ensure a great experience than by creating a quirky animation video that succinctly explains what you’re trying to sell. Animation videos captivate the audience like nothing else!

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2.) Garners more interest from prospects:

The leads to sales process becomes a tad easier with explainer videos doing the talking for your brand! An animated business video tells your viewers what you’re selling and also shows the intent behind it. Explainer videos are evergreen and are timeless!


3.) Takes your customers into perspective:

Unlike a “one size fits all” pitch, an explainer video directly addresses your audience. It answers the fundamental question of “Why should a customer buy from you” adding a relatable storyline that adds more substance to their business proposition. When people can relate to your offering, they’ll see the real need/want to buy it.

4.) Shareability:

Explainer videos usually have a dash of humor associated with it, which adds to its memorability. The best thing about explainer videos is the fact that they can be easily embedded and shared over social media. Your video being shared makes it more accessible for prospective customers to know about your business and its offerings. Shareability also boosts the chances of your video pitch going viral! Now that’s icing on the cake!

An explainer video if executed well, can be your brand’s mouthpiece. Invest in a good animated video and drive more sales!

Dharmendra AhujaAbout the Author:Dharmendra Ahuja is the author of The Relation between Corporate Explainer Videos and More Sales, PitchWorx – Animation Company in India, providing custom presentation design and infographic design for digital marketing campaign and for your next big business presentation.

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