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The Top Best 5 Valuable Apps For Going To Concerts

The weather is starting to warm up and the concert season is on its way. Whether you’re looking for festivals, stadium shows, or club gigs, keeping track of all the concerts that are coming up can be a little overwhelming. Fortunately, putting together your concert calendar is easier than it ever was thanks to all the concert-oriented apps out there. Here are a few recommendations that are guaranteed to help you stay on top of the busy concert season.

1.) Songkick Concerts:

Simple features and a very easy to use design make Songkick Concerts the overall go-to app for concerts. It quickly scans your device to look at the artists in your library and delivers a concert list tailored to your tastes. If there’s no music on your mobile, it gives you a list of local concerts and lets you add the artists you’d like to track so you know when they’re on tour. The most popular feature in Songkick is the calendar: as you add concerts in your schedule, it puts them in a calendar which is easy to export, so you never have to worry about missing a show.

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2.) Bandsintown:

The Bandsintown app makes it easy to connect with your, Facebook, Spotify, and Pandora accounts so you get the most extensive possible recommendations based on the music you like. In order to use the app, you’ll have to log in using Facebook or give an email address in order for it to work. From there it lets you track all the concerts you have coming up, and helps you find artists to discover based on the ones you currently like. It can also get you in to the show — whether you’re looking for tickets for the Rolling Stones or a small club gig, Bandsintown will link you up to the ticket seller.


3.) Live Nation:

Especially when it comes to hot selling concerts, Live Nation lets you avoid missing out on those shows that sell in 10 seconds. How? For some pre-sales, the Live Nation app will give you an app-only password that allows you to get first position in line for buying tickets. It also lets you keep track of the concerts you’ve attended and gives you a calendar to track upcoming concerts. For some concerts, it will even give you mobile tickets so you just scan your device on entry.

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4.) Timbre:

Compared with the other apps, Timbre apps cuts down the clutter to show you just the concerts you’d like to attend. The main function is searching concerts according to your location and then pulling up the ones available in your area. When you click a concert, right away it starts playing the artist’s music. Then, you can click on “next” (like a playlist) in order to see which other artists might be playing nearby. It’s a fantastic way to find new artists — and a great way to figure out what to do on an otherwise empty Saturday night.

5.) StubHub:

Finally, when it comes to buying tickets for events, it’s always worth having the StubHub app handy. It’s a good way to get the best seats at major events, and it gives you all the expected options for browsing, searching, and filtering the concerts in your area.

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