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7 Beneficial HR Resources For Small Businesses

Owners and managers of small businesses have a lot of challenges to deal with as they work towards growing their business further. With lesser number of employees and limited capital with them, the owners are forced to do a number of tasks themselves. But as their business grows further, the number of tasks to be performed increase beyond what they can handle themselves. Due to this, they need more employees who have got the relevant skills and expertise which can be employed for their business’s prosperity.

With a number of candidates to choose from, it is not always easy to select the most capable person against a given job. At times wrong choices can be made which can severely affect a small business’s survival and growth. This can be due to the business owners lacking the necessary human resource management skills and experience. But there are some pretty useful resources which they can use for enhancing their knowledge about proper human resource management. So they can make better choices while recruiting new employees.

Also they would be able to closely monitor their employees and improve their performance by using the prescribed practices and methods. The owners can quickly resolve various interpersonal conflicts as well as take the necessary measures to promote and retain their employees. This will make a positive impact on their growth and profitability.

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The small business owners and managers will find the below listed HR resources to be of great help in managing their human resource needs.

1.) G.Neil:

This important resource offers a variety of tools for managing and motivating employees like HR forms, latest labor law posters, time and attendance software, training videos, employee of the month programs besides others. These tools aid employees to hone their skills further. Team, employee and managerial development can be achieved by using solutions provided by G.Neil.

2.) HR Business Partners:

HR Business Partners, an HR consulting firm based in Minneapolis provides human resources solutions to small businesses. Its expertise enables them to make the right decisions in terms of hiring employees, assessing their performance, managing and retaining them. So they are able to strategically plan for their business’s future course. Its notable services include recruiting, employee performance management, HR hotline besides others.

3.) Monster:

Companies need to hire quality candidates for their job positions and they need help for achieving this objective. They can bank on, an online job hunting website for the same. It lets companies post their jobs and save job searches. They are able to observe and sort out suitable candidates for their jobs as a large number of job seekers post their resume in this job portal.


4.) SmartBrief:

SmartBrief is a digital publishing company which provides relevant and beneficial information to business decision makers like entrepreneurs, managers and others. Its expert editors check out with business news and information provided by various channels like media outlets, newspapers, etc., select the appropriate items, summarize them and send them as newsletters to the subscribers as per their specific industries. So they can quickly consume them and thus make better informed, rapid and smarter decisions.

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5.) Society for Human Resource Management:

The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) is a professional human resource organization which works for the advancement of HR throughout the globe. It imparts education to human resource professionals besides granting them networking opportunities. This resource improves their knowledge by giving them access to articles, templates, metrics, employment legislation updates and other relevant information. It also bestows awards and scholarships on the organizations which perform exceptionally well. Job opportunities for HR people are also highlighted in it.

6.) The HR Answer Book:

Employers can encounter a variety of challenges and issues while dealing with their employees. If their human resource concerns remain unanswered, this can affect proper working of their business. The HR Answer Book provides clear and knowledgeable answers to questions associated with employees’ recruitment, discipline, termination, benefits, etc. Employers and managers can readily refer this book for guidance, so they can manage their human resources in an improved manner. It has been authored by Shawn A. Smith and Rebecca A. Martin experts in their respective professions.

7.) Human Resources Research Organization:

The Human Resources Research Organization (HumRRO), a nonprofit organization provides solutions for human capital, training, survey and other needs of organizations. It enables them to address their people related issues as well as boost the performance of their employees and teams.

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With the help of these HR resources, small businesses would be able to better manage their human resources and properly utilize their skills for pushing their growth further.

Jennifer ChaseAbout the Author:

Jennifer Chase, a content writer and likes to write about HR for small business management services. I love sharing my knowledge with other like minded people and help them to improve productivity at business and raise the quality of their life.

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  1. Thanks for sharing nice Information about HR Resources. I’m also a HR Executive in a MNC Firm. It would be really help me a lot in my career. Thanks a lot for sharing.

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